Sleep Well for New Opportunities

By Kanishka Arora
  • Mar 21, 2017

Sleep is a basic human need, and is as much important as eating and drinking. Infact a human spend one-third of his life sleeping. Good and healthy sleep is crucial for a healthy well-being. 

It is important that while sleeping one should breath regularly to maintain a wellbeing. Interruption in breathing can lead to Sleep apnea. It then affects your daytime. And can lead to many diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc. It may also lead to many short term and long term diseases. To avoid breathing interruptions don’t cover your face with a blanket. 

Poor quality or insufficient sleep may also lead to negative effects on learning, memory recall, attentiveness. Hence will affect your workplace life. 

If a person is taking a good sleep of 6.5 or 7 hours he is expected to live more. 
Sleeping is not about shutting our mind and body for the day but it is all about regenerating, resilience and restoring the thing we have done or learnt throughout the day. Good sleep is important for retaining the learnt things. 

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If you keep a good relationship with your sleep then your all other relations with your family, friends, office place etc. will be more live and enjoyable. Hence sufficient sleep leads to efficient relationships. 

Sleep makes you more alert, efficient, gives you a better immunity, less risk of depression, boosts creativity etc. 

So I would like to ask a question to those who alter their sleep for one or the other reasons, Why do you do so when sleeping give you a better life to perform better? 

So I would suggest everyone to take a good sleep of 6-8 hour to keep yourself healthy and happening. And then going ahead to the al new opportunities awaited next day. 


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