Shattered your iPhone 5C screen

By Chris Cui
  • Jun 13, 2017

It’s a frustrating day when you drop your iPhone and realize the screen display has broken. When the shattered iPhone 5C LCD screen speared in your face, what will you do? Maybe, most of the persons regard that Phone 5C is not the latest model in Apple products. The first idea came into their life. The DIY is their selection. In this article, I’ll show you how to replace an iPhone 5C LCD display in the fast speed. Here are several suppliers for your smart devices screen. The cam make this special repair easier by offering the high-premium LCD screen replacement which come with a set of tool. This solution is suitable for the screen beginners.


  The main difference between this guide and my other 5C guide is the level of difficulty and convenience. This guide is the route we'd recommend for 90% of people looking who are looking to replace their own iPhone 5c screen. In this way, it only cost you tiny money and save tons of precious time as well as thorny issues. There are lots of parts suppliers out there but not all of them are created equal, especially fly by night Amazon and eBay resellers. That's why we recommend always using a supplier that specializes in iPhone parts and offers a warranty of some kind. We highly recommend It has a wide range of iPhone 5c screen replacement parts to help you fix your iPhone 5c cellphone. Our iPhone 5c LCD digitizer assembly and replacement parts are stocked in USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong in order to make sure we can cover the wholesale and bulk purchase demand all over the world. Our experienced QC specialists ensure all the parts are thoroughly checked according to our guideline and standard.


  Here's a complete list of parts and tools we recommend for this particular repair. Some folks have trouble getting the screen off with a suction cup if the screen is extremely spidered. This why we recommend picking up a razor blade as well in case you run into this problem. We can show you an alternate way of removing the display.


  Before performing any repair on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you should always remember to power it off. Simply hold down on the Power button until you see Slide to Power off. One you're sure your iPhone is turned off, proceed to the next section. There are two security screws that secure the screen to the frame and they sit on each side of the dock connector. Use your 5-point security screwdriver to remove them. They are both the same size so it's okay if you mix them up. In terms of removing the broken display, Place your suction cup slightly above the Home button assembly and secure it to the screen. Holding the iPhone in place with one hand, gently pull upwards on the suction cup until you free the bottom of the screen. You should now be able to use your fingers to slowly raise up the screen and expose where the front assembly is connected to the logic board. Remove the four screws holding down the shield that covers the display cables. Once all four screws are removed, carefully remove the shield and set it aside. Now use your spudger tool in order to remove the three cables. The display assembly should now be free from the body of the phone.


  When it comes to replace the broken display, attach the three cables on the new display to the logic board of your iPhone 5c. Replace the display shield and the four screws you removed earlier. Lay down the display and snap it in place. Remember, don't ever force the display down. Make sure it's lined up correctly and starting from the top, snap it in place gently. Use your security screwdriver to replace the two screws that sit on either side of the dock. Finally, you need to test the new LCD display. Once your iPhone 5Cis fully put back together, it's safe to turn it back on and begin testing the new front assembly.


  Do you have a clear impression on your mind? If you met this question, how do you deal with it properly? You can select a trustworthy third-party retailer for your cracked screen. We guarantee the highest quality LCD which goes through rigorous QC testing. This iPhone 5C screen features the beautiful 4 inch Retina display. With a pixel density of 326 PPI and over 16 million colors. Furthermore, we assemble you the Grade O. in other words, it’s an original one that is equipped with a set of installation tool kit for your DIY requirements. Here is a kind notice: this iPhone 5c LCD screen doesn’t come with home button, front camera, home flex, earpiece and LCD shield plate. All of those you need to transfer them into your smart device.

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