Relief For Engineering Students

By Kanishka Arora
  • Mar 30, 2017

ccording to sources student and parents have complained to HRD ministry that the engineering institutions do not refund the fee if the student leave the collage midway or does not join the college.
But now in the academic session all the colleges across the country will have to refund the fee if the student doesn’t join or leave the session midway. The college can’t keep the school/college leaving certificates of the candidate. This is ordered by AICTE THE ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION. 
The regulatory body, has included a clause in ‘AICTE approval process handbook 2017-18’ which directs engineering institutes to refund the fees collected from the students if the seat falling vacant is subsequently filled by another candidate by the last date of admission. A processing fee of up to Rs 1000 can be levied by the institute and proportionate monthly fee and hostel rent can be charged.
“The clause also prohibits the AICTE approved technical institutes from retaining the school/institute leaving certificates,” said a senior official.
In case a student withdraws before the start of the course, the entire fee collected from the student, after a deduction of the processing fee of up to Rs1000 should be refunded by the institution, the clause included in the handbook states.
“In case the vacated seat is not filled, the institution should refund the security deposit and return the original documents. Institution should not demand fee for the subsequent years from the students cancelling their admission at any point of time. Fee refund along with the return of Certificates should be completed within 7 days,” the AICTE said in the handbook.
If the institutions violate the rule then they will have to pay the a fine for non-compliance of refund of fee levied against each case will be twice the total fee collected per student and the council can also withdraw the approval granted to the programme or course.
The University Grants Commission (UGC) has order that institutions can’t take original certificates from the students at the time of filling the admission form.

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