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Reasons Why Elder Siblings Are Smarter And More Successful as per Science

By Anonymous
  • Aug 18, 2016

Researchers from numerous studies have found that the eldest sibling is usually just plain better in this world, so ultimately we are telling younger siblings a rude fact. :(

 Now that's obviously a subjective term, and a holistic assessment would probably find different strengths and weaknesses in older and younger siblings, but in terms of intellect and leadership qualities, the elders just seem tot be better, at least according to Huffingtonpost.

1. Older siblings are better leaders than younger ones.

According to a lot of research, older siblings tend to be authority figures, at least in relation to their brothers or sisters. This dominating trait actually prepares them for leadership roles, and they can handle professional situations with more control and power. The training they get in their childhood by dominating their younger siblings actually make them more authorised person in future. 

Source: Bridgehousecollege

2. Older siblings may be smarter than younger ones.

It's not genetic, but older children usually tutor and guide their younger siblings, which in turn helps them retain more information themselves. In fact, in one study of 250,000 Norwegians, it was found that firstborn men had an average IQ 2.3 points higher than their younger brothers. So, the older siblings who help their younger ones in studies, here you go. ;)

Source: Gizmodo

3. Older siblings are usually more responsible as compared to younger ones.

Yet again, being a guide for their younger counterparts seems to have surprising effects on them as well. According to some kind of research, eldest siblings are usually the ones who are more responsible, more obedient, and more oriented towards family loyalty and traditional achievement. While younger who initially encashes the pamper of their older one legs behind. Sad for you guys. :D

Source: Lifestrategies

4. Older siblings mostly follow the rules.

According to a 2003 paper published by Belgian psychologists Vassilis Saroglou and Laure Fiasse in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences, the oldest sibling is usually more conventional, competitive and responsible, meaning they rarely break any rules that also sometimes make them too rigid. The younger siblings, on the other hand, usually exhibit signs of rebellion and playfulness as again the way they learnt in their chinldhood to get something in their favour.

Source: Thebureauinvestigates

5. Older siblings are usually more successful and agreeable.

According to a study in 2015, older siblings are usually more conscientious, meaning they are more organised, more goal oriented and thereby inclined to do well in life. They also tend to be more agreeable, which has been proven to be a major key to success. 

Source: Therodinhoods

Younger ones, Read it and weep! Well I am happy, I am older. ;)

Tell us who are younger & older in comments!!!

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