Self Improvement

Reasons For Blocking You From The Success

By Kanishka Arora
  • Apr 17, 2017

You always dream to be very big and you always imagined your career would be like a rocket ship shooting you straight to the stars, but we you always stuck in one place and in one thing, for the brighter future everyone must come out of this.
You always blame your company, your companion, or your boss, your friends, it’s time to take a good look in the mirror and have in you. Your bad habits might be the culprit holding you back from the corner office you’ve always dreamed about.

We all have bad habits, but try to come out of the bad habits and bringing your baggage along to the office can be the difference between soaring or stalling in your career. People will come and criticize you but don’t bother about that. You should always give your best and try to help everyone if he/she has indulged in a bad circle. There are common workplace bad habits to break if you want to continue moving up the career ladder:

Don’t be too much worried:
Everyone has some problems but is doesn’t mean we should stop focusing. Worrying about your family’s welfare, your job, and other responsibilities is normal. But always involved yourself in those worries is not.
Stop focusing on others’ progress:
It’s good to see other and learn good things but if you always focus on other’s progress and take tension it will impact your work as well as career. Everyone should try to work their best for their selves not to show someone.
Allowing draining people to stay in their lives:
Some people are simply draining to be around. You may love them till the last breath, but when you’re around them, you feel like your life essence is slowly leaking out, leaving you tired and depressed.
Putting themselves last:
Giving priority to others is very good but always make yourself as the last head is not always good.  That is one of the reasons I need to be successful. I need to provide for my family. I need to prove that I can do this and that. Helping everyone is very good but you should try to help yourself first. Then only you will be able to achieve the success and your goal.
 These are the few basis things which can stop you from your aim and make you feel defeated and depressed. So, always try to be the winner and be on the top.


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