Reason Why Indian Economy Dropped From 23% to 4% Of The World Economy?

By HipHopper
  • Aug 11, 2015

India shared 23% of world ecomony before the british arrive in India, And Share only 4% of World economy after british left India because India was been govern for the benefit of Britain.
Britain rised for 200years for finnance by its depredation to India. In Fact Britain industrial revolution, is promised upon in deindustrilation of India. The handloom weavers for example were famous around the world, were exported around the world, british came in smashed their thumb, broke their legs,imposed duties on their product, and start taking raw material from India and shipping back manufacturing cloths withhigh price rate.
And From Then india finished from world famous weaver cloths exporter into a Importer of cloth. And Many More thing that you don't know about indian History.

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