Read This If You Are Struggling To Explain What Depression Feels Like

By Kanishka Arora
  • Jan 20, 2017

One of the many frusrating things about suffering from depression is not knowing why you feel the way you feel and even worse not being able to explain how you feel. You may have brilliant friends who want to help and want to understand but not finding the words to be able to explain can only add to the frustration and confusion.

Depression is a complicated, complex and lonely beast and unfortunately, it is a beast that many people are battling every day.

There are many words you can say to someone with depression but very few that will help. If you are suffering from depression or know somebody that is and want to understand what they are going through, then have a read and possibly a try of the following experiment. For me, it goes a long way to describing what depression feels like. You may disagree, but you may also find it helpful. Either way just know that although you feel like it, you are certainly not alone.

Make the bathroom a cold and uncomfortable place to be in.

Open a window. Turn on a fan into a place where you don't want to be.

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Make it dark, with just one light flickering.

Let the darkness flood the room and let the single light act as a symbol of flickering hope, slowly dying.

Slowly remove your clothes.

Understand each movement, feel the cold air bite your bare skin as it is slowly exposed.

Fill up the bath tub.

Make it warm, fill it with bubbles. Get in the bath and let the warmth kiss your bare skin better. Let the bubbles cover your entire body like a warm winter coat.

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This is how the rest of the world feel every day.

This is family; this is love, this is a child's excitement at Christmas, this is a fire on the beach as the sun goes down. This is exactly how you want your life to be. 

Now, whilst enjoying your perfect life, pull the plug. Stay there.

Feel the water slowly start to drain.

Lay there naked and alone

Feel your life; your happiness slowly starts to drain with the water, your bare skin once again getting exposed to the bitter air.

Stay there.

There is still some warmth left to be had in the bath. Stay there.

Sit there as the water completely drains.

You are sitting naked and alone, and everything that made you happy has slowly slipped away down the drain as you laid there helpless. Not a thing you could have done but wait for the sadness to replace the warmth.

This is what depression feels like.

Cold, naked, alone and confused.
I have been there. I have felt what it is like to be completely helpless. To try and find the light in your world of darkness, to fail and to give up trying. But I'm OK now. In fact, I'm great now. I found my light and I did everything I could to make it shine brighter. 
If you take just one thing from this, then take hope. Because as cliche as it sounds, there is always hope.


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