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Practical iPhone Apps for Your Travelling

By Chris Cui
  • Nov 28, 2016


Traveling is a very common activity of many people. No matter you are on a business trip or just for fun, you will always catch with different problems. Like the weather of the country, where to live, what to eat, and what kinds of transportation you are going to use. If you can handle the problem properly, then you will have a pleasant time, otherwise you will suffer from these problem. There is no need to worry about these problems. Today I will tell you some really good Apps you can get in your new iPhone or refurbished old iPhone to make you to enjoy a very good trip abroad.    

Travel Tracker App for the flight information

So the first thing you should care about the weather, especially when you travel by plane. The weather can affect the flights, so I assume you want to know all the detail information of the flights. The Airplane travel can be a challenge even when the weather is not an issue, but as refurbished iPhone app reviews mentioned that a Travel Tracker App gives me one touch access to the status of all my flights. All I need to do is enter my itinerary and this travel app does the rest. Travel Tracker adds times and dates for almost every flight to create a packing list, which can help me organize it and tracks my travel expenses. Weather information and delays are posted, and other options are suggested. 
The Maps app for the destination
when you get to the destination, the first thing to do is make sure you have a place to stay and what to eat. The Maps app keeps addresses for hotels, stores and restaurants, as well as listing local points of interest places. It gives me a satellite view of any area just by tapping a location on my iPhone. There has a GPS system available to take me step by step to any destination in any city I visit. 
The Currency app and the translation app

If you are on a business trip out of the country then there are two important travel Apps for you,
the Currency app and the Lonely Planet Mobile Phrasebooks. When you are in another country, make the change is one of the crucial thing to make your life easier. The Currency app gives me the exchange rate for the dollar in over ninety different currencies. You can convert a dollar into lire, pounds, or yen just by tapping the screen of iPhone or refurbished iPhone. This currency app let me to keep track of how much I am spending in dollars, which can be very confusing especially when traveling to more than one country on the trip. The second thing you may need is to have a translator. The Lonely Planet Mobile Phrasebooks can give you the ability to translate words and phrases from English to another language.

The Local Eats app
the Local Eats app plays an important role. This app touches upon restaurants in almost all of the cities you will visit. There are their location and how to contact them. It even can give the menu and the type of cuisine they serve. This app also lists the wine selections by vineyard and comments about each restaurant's service, ambiance and price category. Another app that helps me keep track of my expenses is the Stipulators which actually figures the appropriate service tip in any part of the world. This app saves me time and money especially when I am out of the country. 
   With all the help of all the Apps, it can be very easy to travel from one place to another.  You also should know whether the refurbished machine is unlocked or not, If you’re buying a refurbished machine and you need to make sure that it'll work with your network, but it’s best to buy one that’s either locked to your specific network, or factory-unlocked.

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