Only for Engineers on Engineers Day

By YaariDosti
  • Sep 15, 2016

HappY Engineers Day to all our lovely friends out there.


We know what you have been through and what it takes to become one Engineering Graduate. And as I used to say in my engineering times "Saala Ek baar Degree Mil Jaaye BC 6 mahine tak toh use dekhta hi rahunga" so it's so so personal for you right.


from day one you enter your hostel room you get to know how fu**ing those 4 years gonna be for you. When your seniors enter your room and ask for hair cuts and you transit from "Tom Cruise" to "Langdaa Tyaagi".


Then in UPTU they give u those creepy dresses half of them don't know whether the angle is right or acute or obtuse.


They just tend to fall off your waist and shoulders. 


You were just trying to cope up and you had first sessionals just to your surprise you came to know that "Bhai yeh bataa BC yeh subject paidaa hua kab" aur toh aur woh "Scooty par 18 saal ki lagne waali Madam yehi padhaati hai kya Saale Pehle kyu nahi bataaya"


And even if you wrote EE in ME and Proff Comm In EVS you celebrated the end of sessionals like "Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai" When marks were announced you celebrated again saying "Yeh Duniya, Yeh Mehfil Mere Kaam Ki Nahi"

Watch out incredible Videos here :-)



So to all my friends, my fellow engineers, only last thing to say "You were the best, you braved all odds, u passed ohhhh fu***ng yes u passed" and today you are making those big companies....



succesfull by your creativity, indomitable spirit and at last "BC Dimaag bhi tha hamaare pass wahaan sharaab hi peene nahi gaye the hum"









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