New Practical iPhone 5s Operating Tips for New User

By Chris Cui
  • Aug 11, 2017


You may notice that iPhone 5s is the earliest fingerprint recognition smartphone. Just because Apple on iPhone 5s released such a technology, then the other mobile phone manufactures has entered the zone of fingerprint identification. And now even some phones fewer than 200 USD are equipped with fingerprint recognition, we can see this is Apple's best innovative technology, almost led to the development of the entire smart phone industry.


Since released Apple’s iPhone 5s has been the focus of attention, and sales also keep on increasing in these years. But those who are new iPhone’s users may don’t know how to get starting quickly on the latest listed mobile device. Next Cell Phone Age com will collect some useful operating tips on iPhone 5s.


1. How to uninstall original inserted APP on iPhone?

First you need to prison break, after the jailbreak according to mobile assistant to open the iPhone directory, find Applications directory also as all iPhone 5s applications directory, delete the unwanted software directory (to confirm will not wrong delete), and then restart the phone, that uninstall is completed.


2. How to refuse unwanted calls

On condition of IPhone screen locked, once click on power key for the silence, and double-click the Power button to reject the call.


3. How to do with can’t connect to iTunes?

Under the phone directory / var / mobile / Media directory delete the iTunes_Control folder, and then restart your iPhone.


4. How do i connect the iPhone to my computer?

Before it, please install the software iTunes on your computer, and then connect the iPhone to computer USD port.


5. How to sort software icons on iPhone?

Holding on one APP icon, until all the icons start jitter then you arbitrarily drag the icon, and you can also merge the icon drag and drop to create a merge folder.


6. How to empty the iPhone password and lock code?

Delete the phone directory /private/var/keychains/keychain-2.db file, restart iPhone.


7. How to use the iPhone 5s as a 3G wireless router to the computer?

(1) Insert the 3G SIM card to the iPhone.

(2) Open the phone, connect to USB data cable.

(3) Follow steps: Settings - Generic - Network - Set up network sharing - Open network share - only USB connect.

(4) Waiting for the computer to recognize the new USB device.

(5) When connection is completed, the iPhone 5s screen will appear the shared network words, and then you can start using the computer to surf on Internet.


8. How do use background operation and offsite apps?

(1) Double-click on Home button in iPhone screen, in the bottom of the screen it appears a series of icons. It is the background hidden procedures.

(2) Long press the icon, wait for until the icon in the upper right corner become "red" small circle, leave finger away. And then click the red circle to exit the application.


9. How to delete photo and copy photo?

1. For photos shot by iPhone camera, you can directly delete on your phone.

2. Synchronized photos can’t be deleted on iPhone, but you can cancel the synchronization or use ifunbox to delete photos inside.

3. Photos and video in iPhone 5s can be directly copied into computer.


10. How to do with can’t send MMS and use Internet?

(1) Settings - General - Network - Cellular Data Network - MMS settings are as follows:

APN: cmwap


MMSL DaiLi: 80

MMS maximum information capacity: 50000

(2) Set - universal - network - cellular data network - apn: cmnet, restart the phone will recover it.


Other tips:

Pictures that are set as contact avatar will remain in the contact file even if original pictures are deleted from the phone.


When calling, either close your face or keep a clear distance to your iPhone 5s, otherwise you may click on Silence or Cancel button.


Safari browser favorites can be built into several folders, and then collect the web page into the bookmarks to catalog, so that look very neat.


When using iPhone 5s own calculator, horizontal and vertical functions are not the same, but also in the digital bar horizontal slide can delete an end digit, the direction of indentation does not matter, this tip will save you steps of operating.


If you want to select a paragraph you can easily long press on iPhone 5s for seconds, then drag the two endpoints of the box, then copy, and then in the other input box, click on paste. When you move the cursor can also be long press, appears a magnifying glass, move to the content for deleting, and delete the character before cursor.


In general, iPhone 5s has become the model that is most resistant to drop, because it is on the one hand the body material with a solid sapphire glass design, on the other hand is its screen is only 4 inches, compared to 5 inches IPhone 6 and iPhone 7 and larger plus series models are less likely to break.


This smartphone also supports 4G network, so stay for the backup is still very good, and its ios system, because completely closed, so is not only smooth but also very safe. Good metal fuselage, borders, 2.5D glass, these are the first to appear on refurbished iPhone 5s, it can be seen that iPhone 5s is still one of Apple's most classic, the most far-reaching impact on a smart phone.

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