New Listing of 2500mah battery case for iPhone 7

By Chris Cui
  • Sep 19, 2017


iPhone 7 waterproof backpack battery case is with the configuration of 2500mAh capacity, it is the perfect combination of phone power bank and waterproof protective cover, playing the role of not only essential equipment, but also to meet the requirements of user phone to waterproof, anti-drop, dustproof. Waterproof depth is up to 5 meters, while using time in water is sustainable 2 hours, anti-drop function can reach height of 4 meters, which one of necessary accessories for the high-end customers travel, vacation and going outdoor. The scene has two swimwear models to show product waterproof function, can be underwater to answer the phone, take pictures, etc., to attract a lot of viewers stop to watch. Consumers are amazed at the practical features of the product with advanced technology.


The backpack battery uses a 2500mAh lithium polymer cell, the output and input voltage are 5V, but the current is 0.8A and 0.6A respectively. In terms of size, because the clip battery is tailor-made for the iPhone 7, the frame is tightly wrapped around the phone, the specifications are naturally a lot, and in view of the relatively large size, 115g weight is quite reasonable.


When you are still thinking of what kind of back up battery case to buy for iPhone to increase iPhone life time, maybe you have been UOT, as really Apple users have begun to choose the smart charging protective battery case. Mcdodo backup battery protective shell, first he is a back clip battery, can charge the phone. At the same time, inside built-in a real mobile phone chip, he has a separate receiver signal, a separate phone card, a separate call and text messages, only through the Bluetooth wireless transmission, so that the phone voice, SMS, etc. gathered in the Apple device, in order to achieve Apple Mobile phone dual card dual standby, dual card calling, dual card SMS. So, it is a: back clip battery + Apple dual card dual standby + protective cover, three in one black technology products.


Mcdodo Ultra-Slim 2500mAh Extended Battery Back Cover Black Charging Phone Case For IPhone 7 Support: iPhone 6 / 6Plus, iPhone 6S / 6S Plus, iPhone 7 / 7Plus and other Apple mobile phone version, can make Apple phone has: dual SIM card dual standby, dual card SMS, rechargeable power bank function, 50 days long standby, no roaming charges, no traffic Experience, but also won the patented design. Apple regular APP, the seventh generation upgrades kernel and many other advantages, while achieving the Apple mobile phone charging, but also to achieve the feature of Apple phone dual card dual standby, which is a comprehensive "Back clip battery + Apple dual card dual standby + protective cover "practical products.


As the phone to play the sub card, battery life is also the issue a lot of users concerned about, relative to the previous Cell Phone Age launched K5 and K6 models, which K8 back clip-style Apple sub-card in the standby time to extend a lot of time. Using the 7th generation card cool kernel, high energy-saving standby chip, making K8 back clip Apple skin with up to 50 days of standby time, effectively reducing the user's use of charging time. At the same time, Mcdodo uses the Apple interface, charging is also very convenient, you no need to disassemble, and Apple phone with the charge, you can also remove the back to charge the back of a separate apple peel, easy to use.


Apple recently for the sake of user safety, Apple store shelves tens of thousands of the use of the world. After Apple's audit, and anchored in the Apple store to download the use of security, it is very reliable. When using the Mcdodo Ultra-Slim Extended Battery Case, you need to download an APP on the Apple device (downloaded from the Apple store, we are Apple's official audit, and use it). His dual-card call, are the original operations of the Apple device, the use of all operations are implemented on the Apple phone, only put the phone card only.


The main color of the back shell battery case is black, more durable, full of business atmosphere, mature and stable style should be favored by the workplace. Product shell matte texture is full, in addition to a good feel, but also enhances the visual effects; in the strong light the shell gives a sense of glossy. Because of the design reasons, the back clip battery switch is not prone to accidental phenomenon, so on this point manufacturer is still more careful. The edge of the battery case has a sleek handle, better to meet the shape of the palm, but also enhance the grip, one hand grip feels more comfortable. On the top of battery case there reserve a large space to ensure that the camera function can be used normally, and we can see the camera covered by shell has also been a better protection, the risk of scratches greatly reduced.


Backup battery case allows you to get rid of the constraints of mobile power, so that the thin and light weight protective shell can also significantly extend the battery life of mobile phones, increase the number of calls, navigation time, so that travel distance farther. This ultra slim battery back cover case for iPhone 7 only needs 27.71USD for sale at Cell Phone Age com.


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