New arrival of Cell Phone Age protective battery case

By Chris Cui
  • Oct 23, 2017


Now released almost all new phones’ screen are in 5.5 inches, but there are still many people like the 5-inch small screen mobile phone, iPhone 7 sales higher than the iPhone 7 Plus is the best example. But the biggest shortcomings of small-screen mobile phone is not life to force, the latest iPhone 7 battery capacity is less than 2000mAh, when go out you must have a charge coming with will be peace of mind.


At the same time, a variety of back cover battery case also came into being. Cell Phone Age com has launched a battery case for $ 30 less. The protective battery case has a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions available. Which is 4.7 inches compatible iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 three, 5.5-inch version compatible with iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 Plus three. In addition, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches version are divided into thin version and large capacity version, 4.7 inches version capacity of 2450mAh and 5000mAh; 5.5-inch capacity of 3700mAh and 7000mAh.


On the mobile phone life it is really the problem: harder than harder! Battery life has been there, especially for the "Apple fans", it is simply an unbearable battery pain. Apple design focus on the size of the thin and beautiful, while built-in battery capacity has been more "stingy", for patients with severe mobile phone, portable power bank like such some of the accessories, it is essential. Cell Phone Age Back shell battery phone case will get you rid of this trouble.


But every time you go out with a hypertrophy of the charging device, to their own bags to add a variety of burden, bring a portable power station and cable line, the weight of the charge plus the line winding, give the line to bring a lot inconvenient. How to do, in this big change in the world, always want to find and others different, to do life subtraction. A trouser pocket, fitted with all the charging equipment. Easy to put into the trousers pocket, bring it enough, 3.5mm thin design, carry, easy not cumbersome.

Innovative separate design, the world any of my line. The chip can automatically identify the access device, calculate the matching better charging current, 1.5A high-speed output current, half an hour can be filled with mobile phones, to achieve faster charging speed, easy to pick up the phone, Surging fast charge, to meet your digital enthusiasts very happy. 360 ° coverage, all-round protection of mobile phones, designed for the iPhone, all-round fit the body, to protect every part of the phone, iPhone6 / 6 plus iPhone7 / 7 plus iPhone7 / 7 plus and other mobile phone models.


For the portable and born, tough but small. The battery up to 4000mAh large capacity to meet the iPhone's two charges, no fear of battery power reserve power shortage. Small body, large quality. Preferably lithium iron phosphate battery, multiple safety protection, no need to worry about the battery overheating, explosion and other issues, safe and reliable, durable.


On appearance, the use of thin and light integrated design, carbon fiber material, drying pattern anti-fingerprint panel, soft all-inclusive, no chin design. Back below also provides a power on key, double-click to open or turn off the phone charge. While four LED lights can be real-time display of the remaining power.


A significant feature f iPhone 7 back cover charging case is easy to use, and should be more convenient than any style of charging device. It can not only be used as a mobile phone shell, playing the role of protecting the phone screen and fuselage, but also for the phone to provide timely electricity consumption. In addition, some styles of battery cases can be used as U disk function, the expansion of the mobile phone processing, reduce the burden of mobile phone memory, even can manage the phone APP.


The attachment of back cover charging case brings increase in the thickness of the phone itself, resulting in slower heat distribution of mobile phones, a slight impact on the life of mobile phone batteries. But we can not deny that, as long as it is not DC charging the phone, all the charge devices will make the battery life of mobile phones reduced.


However, if the thickness of the backpack charging case design properly, and the use of high-quality polymer lithium batteries, coupled with a reasonable design of the cooling hole, to a certain extent, can reduce the harm caused on the mobile phone battery. Therefore, the charging battery case damage to the phone can not be avoided, but high quality product can be able to reduce this harm to low.


For the impact of the phone charge, so the panel must have a high intensity of anti-heat capacity. Choose the material of the aluminum alloy, aluminum or aluminum-magnesium alloy, because aluminum has a good heat dissipation performance, you can let the charge device when supplying power get enough heat release, play a role of protecting phone battery safety.


Because close to the back of the phone, so the quality of batteries must be guaranteed. Currently mobile power charging has polymer lithium, 18650 lithium, AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries, polymer lithium-ion battery. Among them, the polymer lithium-ion battery does not appear the situation of explosion and leakage, with the highest safety level, and charge and discharge ability is strong. From Cell Phone Age iPhone 7 backpack charging case is the use of polymer lithium-ion battery.


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