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Music And Mood Go Hand In Hand

By Kanishka Arora
  • Apr 20, 2017

Music! It is one thing which gels with our mood very well. If we feel happy we would love to listen high base song and do some signature steps. If you feel gloomy or sad you would love to listen sad songs. And as the matter of fact in both the cases we can express our emotions whether happiness or sadness.

“WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY YOU ENJOY THE MUSIC. BUT WHEN YOU ARE SAD YOU UNDERSTAND THE LYRICS.”  Correctly quoted line, when you are happy would shake your legs on any tune but when you are feeling low then you get the exact meaning of the words used in the song and eventually you realize that the songs befits your situation very well, then you feel more connected to the song. Sometimes you listen to the music for peace of mind. 

The enthusiasm for music is not a recent development. Recognizably musical activities appear to have been present in every known culture on earth, with ancient roots extending back 250,000 years or more . The ubiquity and antiquity of music has inspired considerable speculation regarding its origin and function.

A similar idea is that music contributes to social cohesion and thereby increases the effectiveness of group action. Work and war songs, lullabies, and national anthems have bound together families, groups, or whole nations. Relatedly, music may provide a means to reduce social stress and temper aggression in others.

Over the years, music has become integral part of our lives. Being any situation music always go hand in hand. It is also important for our mental health as well as regulation of emotions is very important for mental health. 
So, I hope that the music industry keep on giving us extraordinary songs. And we could stay mentally healthy. 
So keep listening to your favorite songs!!! 


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