Mercedes Has Created This One Off Monster E class All Terrain That Can Climb Mountains

By Era Kapoor
  • Jul 25, 2017

We have a hunch that there’s a group of mad scientists at Mercedes-Benz HQ. What else explains the mental off-roaders that the brand keeps churning out?

This is the latest and by far the most extreme of the lot. The E-class All Terrain 4x4². Take a moment to soak in the details.

The man behind this Franken-car is Jurgen Eberle, an engineer who helped develop the new E-class. Once the luxury saloon was ready, he wanted to create something a little more extreme. So six months ago he started working on the E-class All Terrain, an estate car with all wheel drive. He raised the suspension a good 40 mm and then contemplated switching the axles to the ones on the G-class 4x4².

Soon the hobby project got too big for a shed and Eberle then asked his manager for some budget and the E-class All Terrain was officially sanctioned.

The changes he made are staggering. The car’s track was widened by 200 mm with those massive 20-inch wheels now sticking out of the huge wheel arches. The ground clearance now stands at 400 mm. For comparison, the Mahindra Scorpio’s ground clearance is 210 mm.

Auto Express managed to drive the car and say that “Rocks as big as footballs, fallen trees, rivers, bushes and barriers… nothing will stop the 4x4².” The car is powered by a 3.0-litre turbo petrol engine and lacks a diff. lock and a low range box for now.

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