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Meet The 18 Year Old From Kashmir Who is Cleaning Wular Lake Single Handedly

By Era Kapoor
  • Jul 27, 2017

Losing one's father at an early age can be debilitating. Clueless and hapless, most kids often slide into the misery of mourning, but some rise up this despair with more force than ever. 

Meet the 18-year-old Bilal Ahmad Dar, the boy who began steering his family after his father succumbed to cancer. 


With barely an education and a colossal baggage of poverty on his back, Bilal decided to become a rag picker and began funding his family. But his job wasn't helping his family alone, but entire Kashmir as he cleaned the filthy waters of Wular Lake.



With this job, he was helping his old mother and two sisters.

Infamous for toxic debris, plastic, carcasses, and much more, Wular has been on the verge of dying, reducing from 273 km to just 72 km of water expanse. 


Owing to his good work, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has made Bilal the brand ambassador and now he will be campaigning across the valley for a clean and pollution free Kashmir. 

You can Watch His Video Here : 

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