Loan Against Property Interest Rates Chennai

By bergmount
  • Sep 10, 2017

NBFC Loan Against Property Interest rates in Chennai:

From 2012, LAP Through NBFC in India has been raised from 43,000 to Rs 1.48 Trillion. NBFC got some priority market segments like SME, MSME where the cash flows are higher.

  • Asset Recognition Cycle – 150 days. In case of Pending payment for more than 150 days – it’s considered as NPA.

NBFC Banks That Offer Land Loans:

DHFL, Magma, Oriental, L&T, Bajaj, Equitas, Edeleweis, Religare, so on and so forth. These are the Best Bank for Loan Against Property. You can get upto 30 Year Land Loan.


Why Choosing NBFC’s & Private Institution is Better option than Nationalized Banks:


Cibil is a separate credibility rating body, formed by 7 nationalized banks to create a credit standard for the clients. Though credit score is a drawback for some customers, nbfc’s take a liberal considerations. Every NBFC’s have their own standards for Property Against Loan. So, struck with Low Cibil Score ? Need Loan Against Property immediately – Just Call Us 8939742073


Loan Scheme and Process for Nationalized banks are same from eagle point view. They are governed by Government of India & RBI. In Detailed look, profile rejection history of nationalized banks is 50 to 60 % for Property as Collateral Loans. Nationalized banks expect 99% pure clients, like No Cheque Bounce, No Emi Slip and Complete No to Cibil Defaulter.


You cannot expect proper response from the nationalized banks, because you are one in their 1000 rejections. You don’t get a proper guidance from bank officials and connectors while securing loan against a Property. They don’t guide you or educate you the nuances step by step to avail loan.


What happens when, taking a loan against your house is lower than your expectation. As a profile owner, your instinct intuition say, “My Profile can generate more loan, end of the day you get low disbursement and you cannot ask question to officials why this happened. At least you can question of WHY ? to a Private Institutions and NBFC’s.

Loan Scheme’s:

Want to Borrow Money Against Property ? Looking for Loan Schemes, but in reality most of the loan scheme aren’t active in many banks, even if it is active those schemes will be belong to high profiles. Normal people like us aren’t aware of those schemes. If it is Private Institution or NBFC’s, we can point out why it is not active ?.  DENA, PNB, CANARA, IOB, BOI are the list of Best banks for Land Loans.


As a loan data research & lead Aggregator, we find number of clients complaining about CIBIL Update mistakes during CIBIL Entry Process. Nationalized banks do makes lot of mistakes and hide it. We have to work hard to overcome that, though the mistakes are done by nationalized banks. These Banks do have lot of manipulators as well. Profile is Manipulated by other’s ? Worrying about the possibilities whether “Can I Get Loan Against Property”. Bergmount will guide you to get Secured Loans on Property.

Risk Takers:

Private Institution have the immense ability to take risk. Branch managers and higher officials are risk takers. They value every client, even slightly imbalanced profile can get quick disposal. Because, they have their own standards. Branch Managers always try to give a shot for credible customers. High Risk Takers.

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