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Learning While Working

By Kanishka Arora
  • Apr 24, 2017

In the changing world, about industry and the job market, there is now an overpowering need for skilled workers. However, the definition of 'skill' in India, and the world in general, has also changed over recent years. Skill development is required in every field. 

Without doubt training provides increased employment opportunities. Today, even entry level roles in many industries require base level qualifications. By completing a training course, your employment opportunities become wider.

Developing a career in a chosen field is something many of us aspire to. Experience alone, in many cases does not suffice when employers are seeking to promote their staff. By undertaking further training, the opportunity to develop your career is enhanced.
The more highly qualified people are, the more likely they are to participate in learning activities. However, people also tend do less lifelong learning as they grow older, irrespective of their qualification levels. This is especially true in countries where overall participation in lifelong learning is low. This general pattern emerges from various surveys, even though the Continuing training and Adult education surveys suggest that participation is higher than the lifelong learning indicator shows. Older low qualified workers are especially difficult to reach, even though they need lifelong learning most. Almost 60 % of Europe’s 74 million low-qualified citizens are over 45 years old. This is a matter of concern, as most of the 2020 workforce is already on the labour market and qualification demands are rising even in elementary occupations.

There have been numerous instances where a student is pushed in to a field due to parental/peer pressure only to realise at a later stage in life about his/her passion or calling in life and to start all over again from scratch  

Introduction to skill training at a young age will give the student an opportunity to explore various options and accordingly, narrow down on a vocation of his/her liking.

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