Latest Mobile Technologies: Present and Future

By Romance Boy
  • Dec 11, 2015

In current fast world, mobile technologies are thought to be one of the most required ones. Mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets have gone through a great way of improvement from only-for-entertainment devices to the ones that are changing the face of modern enterprise. And it has become possible thanks to the development of new technologies that are used in current mobile gadgets. Some of them are not surprising any more, like 4G Internet or mobile applications. But this year the developers have introduced several very innovative technologies that have already got widely spread. But they are at the very initial stage of the development; they have great potential for future implementation, and that’s why they deserve scrupulous attention.

Near Field Communication
NFC technology is one of the latest improvements in mobile technologies, especially what concerns the payment process for some products or service in the checkouts. How it works? The newly released smartphones with NFC built-in technology use a special chip to contact a reader to make a secure transaction. The technology is becoming more and more popular as the most famous companies like McDonalds have already adopted such ways of payment and installed special NFC terminals. Besides, the technology allows usage of e-wallets like Google wallet to make the payments and to trace the transactions.
The NFC technology is a one year old, but is becoming very popular. Why? The most important advantage of it is that it saves time of customers as all they need to do is to tap a smartphone on the terminal. It is a next-generation system of payments, as most of analysts admit. There is a high probability that it will soon replace cash and card payment.

Besides the function of money exchange, NFC technology allows data transfer between the phones that support the technology, for example Android Beam service is responsible for this. Bluetooth is becoming outdated as a less secure and slower system of information sharing.

Bluetooth Health Device Protocol
As it was mentioned, Bluetooth isn’t going to be used for data sending any more, but it has got a new life in another sphere. Besides streaming music or being a part of wireless headset for making calls, now it can be used for health monitoring. The Protocol changes the phone into the system of health tracking, including step counting or heart tracking. And there is no need in any additional adapters or devices. Everything is counted and analyzed by a smartphone. It is another step to making a smartphone something more than a just calling device.

Advanced Mobile Security
If people make transaction via their mobile gadgets, there is a necessity to make them secure. And ordinary systems and protocols showed a low level of resistance to hackers’ attacks. Especially in Android devices. That’s why there are thousands of experts all over the world who work hard trying the solution to these problems of securing the confidential and personal information. There are different approaches and different systems of encryption of the data that are being developed. I believe it would be useless to describe all of them here, but one thing is quite clear – in future the security systems of mobile phones will be even steadier than of pcs.

Expansion in Speech Recognition
Even three years ago touch screens were something… astonishing. But today the situation is changing. People have always wanted to command. And today they have got a possibility to command their phones by voice. Speech recognition technologies like Siri implemented into the smartphones allow performing most of the function even without touching the devices. There are lots of special applications and online services that can help users of older gadgets to get the same function. Of course, the systems are not perfect, but just give the developers a year or two and you will soon be able to speak with your phone as with your friend.

Of course, there are much more promising ideas and developments that can soon be viewed in mobile devices, but these one are not prototypes, they are the present and future of mobile technologies.

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