Is it necessary to buy mobile phone armband

By Chris Cui
  • Mar 09, 2018


Now the summer season is the peak time of weight loss by exercise, many people like to wear an arm pack while doing exercise. That in the end if there is needs to buy armband. If it is so you should see what to buy. In fact, the role of arm pack is nothing more than: hold the key and money, stock mobile phone as GPS or when listening to music. That means if you don’t neither like sports or songs nor like the shackles, then buy armband is meaningless.


This is a long time after the release of armband, especially with the mobile phone screen is growing, more inconvenient to carry. Sports arm bag has become one necessity for a lot of people to solve the problem of no place to hold mobile phone while running. There are many sports arm package brands that cheap less than 10 USD, expensive more than 100 USD, the point of purchase is to see if it can wear a firm, fixed arm with a flexible structure, and should be wide enough, so as to wear a strong and comfortable. On the appearance and materials, we can follow the personal preferences.


It is necessary to take your phone when running?

In fact, my answer is very simple, take it if you want, don’t take it if you don’t want. Actually someone said: "Who is running with a mobile phone?" I do not know this kind of speech is funny or nonsense! Now is the era of mobile Internet, people have been closely linked through the phone together. As an example, if every time you go out to exercise at least 1 hour or more, then have to carry the phone, because you are not sure if there will be an important calling or message to you, if you miss it will be more trouble. So, if you confirm that no one will find you when you are doing exercise, or you do not care about someone else can’t find you, or have nothing to affect you, then you can choose to not take phone. For example, many people put the phone into the locker of GYM, after exercise to check if there is telephone information.


How to choose phone armband?

That if you need armband to package mobile phones and keys and other small pieces, then it is necessary to carefully selected, because it is not fast-moving consumer goods after all, and involves comfort and practicality, to buy a good and can be used durable item is the preferred condition. Then you need to meet the following three characteristics: 1. Wear comfortable. 2. Easy to move in the movement or can be outside the package directly control. 3. Skin care part can avoid sweat infiltration into the pack body.


As a no higher technical barriers to the movement, running in recent years is becoming a popular movement loved by many people. Once into the "running circle", a variety of equipment will be essential. Whether you are outdoor activities or go to the gym, or participate in a more formal endurance race, in addition to professional running pants and shoes, the basic needs, inevitably need a bag to put some daily necessities, such as mobile phones, keys, coins and clothing. So choosing a running bag is particularly necessary. However, on market a variety of outdoor sports package make people dazzled as consumers often do not know how to choose the most suitable for their own.


A good armband is of both designer and practical. The main part of armband can accommodate below 6 inches mobile phone, the other part can be placed with cards, coins, keys and other small items. Armband with a luminous strip is very careful. And the production of fabrics feels comfortable as well as headset design to make you listen to music when doing movement correctly. Its appearance is relatively neutral, simple and generous. And small volume is with large capacity. Armband with anti-tear characteristics, and arm bag is made of stained fabric. The back of the arm pack and the straps are breathable, but the fabric is so cool and comfortable. But also with a reinforced trap to solid and not easy to fall off.


Arm bag is characterized by small, easy to wear, the movement can be outside the package directly control. Strap into a wide range of Velcro, greatly enhance the comfort. Common arm pack mainly includes "pocket" style and "touch window" style, the former can be placed with classified items, and the later one is easy to run in the control of the phone. How to choose depends on personal needs. Need to pay attention to the opening and arm stripe designs that do not let the sweat into the bag, the permeability are better. The requirements are not high, then the basic price of 20 USD or less, even online there are some items less than 10 USD.


There is one Sports Gym Exercise Arm Case Phone Holder Running Armband on Cell Phone Age com is special recommended to you. This phone running armband is compatible with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch phones. Made of neoprene material, keep your phone safe when you take exercises.

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