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Is it legal to buy an unlocked iPhone

By Chris Cui
  • Jul 14, 2017

In the past, unlocking was a legal gray area. While it is officially legal now. You may not familiar with this strange conception. Unlocking refers to using software to modify the phone so it works with more than one phone carrier. Under this background, what kind of benefits you can enjoy? What it means for you? Which network carrier is your first choice? Those problems make you confused at all. In the following paragraph, let me explain it in detail.


  Now that cell phone unlocking is legal, you can choose your own carrier, potentially saving you money and helping you find the best plan for your cell phone, text messaging, and data needs. You can easily switch carriers, while keeping your favorite phone, so you have the flexibility of choosing the right carrier and plan for your needs and lifestyle. If your chosen carrier does not carry the phone you want, you can now buy (or keep) your favorite phone from wherever you would like and unlock it so that it works with your chosen carrier. It will also give customers more rights and choices over where they spend their money. You can also use your unlocked phones more easily abroad and still use the phone on your local network. This will help put an end to exorbitant costs and roaming fees when you work or travel abroad. Most importantly, customers can easily find professional assistance with unlocking their phone, instead of attempting the work themselves. It will also be easier to sell your old smartphone in the future, now that it is not linked to one particular carrier, so buyers won’t have to stick with your chosen carrier.


  The new law should benefit both consumers and the cell phone industry, as a whole. It is anticipated to increase competition amongst cell phone carriers (providing consumers with more plans, better service offerings, and more affordable phones) and increase profits for many carriers.


Before, smartphones were tied to only one carrier’s network. For instance, if you purchased an iPhone through AT&T, it would be locked into AT&T’s network and you would have to choose a plan through AT&T. Now that they have been unlocked, you can use your phone on a different wireless network than you purchased it from. Some carriers are more compatible with certain types of phones than others. Cell phones tend to work on two types of technology: GSM—the network for AT&T and T-Mobile—and CDMA—the network for Verizon and Sprint. The two technologies are not compatible with one another, so there may still be some issues with moving from one carrier to another. This means it will be much easier to move between AT&T and T-Mobile, or between Verizon and Sprint. With time, more phones will support the various carriers, so switching will be easier and more common.


Here, I’d like to recommend a refurbished unlocked iPhone 5S. Buying a Refurbished iPhone can have many benefit over brand new one. the most evident one is the price of purchasing a used iPhone that has been refurbished is always much cheaper than buying the same phone brand new, which means you can save a lot of money while get the same specs and the current technology. Each time a cell phone is put back for being resold as used or refurbished, that means one less phone that enters landfills which will do a big part of keep the earth is a very a good way to protect the environment. There is no need to resign a contact which is also a big benefit. With the contract you may have to move to an area where you current provider has poor service. So it is great to make the switch without paying the fee.


Even though the iPhone 5s has been out for a long time and there are many advanced models available now, many iPhone users still love the iPhone 5S. If you want to get rid of the long contract, what you are looking for should be an unlocked refurbished iPhone 5s 32GB. On, you can purchase a cost-efficient smartphone. Now, it is a golden chance. 

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