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How will it happen this Cow based StartUps

By Kanishka Arora
  • Apr 17, 2017

We have heard about many start-ups like e-commerce, home services, solar services and many more but haven’t heard about cow based start-ups. After the rigorous new cow protection law, the Gujarat BJP government plans to launch Cow-Oriented Startups, and their aim to promote cow-based industry in the state.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has done the same before the start-ups launches. 

These all conduction activities ranging from the cow cultivate to sale of products like cow milk, ghee, gau mutra, arak, curd, chaach, lassi, medicines, beauty cream etc. The startups will focus on promoting and branding the cow products through new mediums and they will surely will succeed.

"There is huge scope for cow rearing and making cow-based products commercially successful, this will make the employment also. So far it has not been promoted in this way. We have decided to promote cow-based startups and PM Narendra Modi's "Make in India" scheme. Soon we will invite top industrialists, chambers of commerce, various industrial associations, especially the MSME association, to make the cow-based startups a grand success. From professional cow rearing to selling cow products like cow milk, ghee, gau mutra, arak, chaan, medicines, beauty cream etc. The startups will focus on branding of cow products through new mediums." Said by Dr Vallabh Kathiriya, chairman of Gau Seva Aayog.

"There is heavy scope of improvement in such startups in rural and semi-urban areas as well as for selling cow-based products. They will sell the products online and offline in major cities. They are planning to involve women's groups who are involved in cow rearing," he said. 

The aayog is also planning a statewide "Gau Sant Samellan" (gathering of saints), to raise awareness about the new cow protection law and to promote cow-based economic and conservation activities. This will seriously very beneficial for everyone, because we all know “we always pray Cows”

Let’s join the hands together and hope to make a good start for the state and make it successful.

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