How to make the right choice for your next iPhone

By Chris Cui
  • Jan 04, 2018


The iPhone is now the best-selling smartphone device on the market even though a new iPhone is extremely expensive. Sure an iPhone is cool and powerful gadget with the most advanced features especially those new model. But that do not mean you have to always to pursuit the newest model. Since Apple will launch its new generation of iPhone and the new technology can be hard to developed, the difference between these model usually not that much which means it will not worth the money to make every upgrade especially when you have a budget. If you have a phone you may want to hold it for a little longer and if you do not have, then you can try to get a refurbished old model instead of the new model.


When You Might Want to Upgrade to the new model

The reason for people going for a new thing is various, but the most obvious one is that there are something new and they are better than the old. The iPhone usually will come with some new and improved features that lure people to make the change. Like changed outlook design from the squared iPhone 5 to the round edge with the iPhone 6, bigger scree with the iPhone 6/6s or some new technology like the 3D Touch in the iPhone 6s. All these advanced feature will give you more moment. You may have a more comfortable viewing experience from the bigger screen, whether that's for web browsing, email reading or video watching. Theoretically, the new iPhone is also faster, coming with a faster processor than the previous one on the older model. This should make processing twice as fast, although the difference isn't always very noticeable in everyday use. For some people, the ability to connect over 4G is a big advantage to the new iPhone. 4G isn't available everywhere, or with all mobile service providers, but where it is available you get faster mobile internet speeds. In most cases, you also get better battery life on the new iPhone, with Apple claiming that you get an extra hour of web surfing, an extra two hours of 3G use and a huge extra twenty five hours of standby time on the new battery. If you use your phone often, this extra battery life might be worth the cost. In addition, the new iPhone usually is thinner and lighter than older models, despite having a larger screen making it that much easier to carry around with you.


When you should not make the upgrade

No matter you choose to make an upgrade or not always depends on your need and you concern. Since there are good features then you might want to make the change, but it will not worth the money. For example, if you have an iPhone 6, and when the iPhone 6s is out, you can find that they look identical in the appearance, and even though the processor is faster, but it is nearly not noticeable to you in the daily use. Only thing will be attempting will be the 3D Touch, but does it really necessary to make the upgrade for something that you may not familiar with. For me, I cannot see the value. However, if you have an iPhone 5/5c/5s, then that will be a different story. That is to say you should not make an upgrade from every generation. And when you make the upgrade you do not need to always pursuit the new, you can buy a refurbished iPhone that will make the upgrade more affordable.


How to make the upgrade

When the new features really attracting to you and you have make the mind to make the upgrade, then the only question left for you is the price. As we all know that the new model can be very expensive and for most people the old model will function well. So the easy move should be selling your old iPhone to make some extra money to make the change much easier. And also you can buy some refurbished Apple iPhone 6s 16GB for a change and that will just save you more money, this will especially achievable when you are looking for an old model like the iPhone 6 upgrading from an iPhone 5/5c/5s or even iPhone 4.   


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