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How to make the iPhone 6s function fully utilized

By Chris Cui
  • Oct 12, 2017


Many people will keep the iPhone on the frequency of one time of charging per day, the latest iPhone 6s also hardly escape this fate. Especially the latest 6s battery capacity is reduced, and many users are worried about the battery life. Although the iPhone's latest A9 chip and system optimization makes life will not be shortened, we can also master some of the below methods to better protect our batteries, increase battery life, so than your iPhone fully functional.


Although the iPhone screen is growing, more and more strong performance, meanwhile the iPhone's life has never been significantly improved. As a user, of course, want to iPhone 6s longer life better. Although on battery we are not able to make any "change", we can through some settings and use of skills to extend the iPhone's life. With Cell Phone Age com to take a look at how to do it.


How to fast and safely charge?

1. Keep iPhone off when charge

There have been a number of friends after the experiment with Cell Phone Age feedback that the iPhone can be more efficient to shut down the battery. Because too many background programs will hinder the charging efficiency, the iPhone 6s will remain off the state can be better charged. If you do not like to shut down, you can also try to fly mode charging, charging speed will speed up a lot.


2. Use 10w or 12w charge adaptor

IPhone 6s bought when the charge head with 5w, 5v voltage can provide 1A power. If you just bought iPad on hand, you can try to use the iPad charging head to charge the iPhone. iPad comes with the charging head is 10w or 12w, in the same voltage, the charge will increase more than 2 times the speed will be faster.


3. Avoid using computer USB for charging

USB jack charging efficiency than the charge head is not stable, because the efficiency of the USB jack is determined by the power supply capacity of the device itself. Such as notebooks, desktop power supply may be depending on the power supply level, as well as the implementation of the system power consumption and other factors to decide. However, if the MacBook or some of the indicated USB charging is no problem, it will still provide stable power.


4. The battery cycle once a month

Apple's official recommendation of the user every month at least let your iPhone complete a battery cycle. That is to let the iPhone 6s from 0% to 100% of the charging process, this process is considered a cycle. Although most of the mobile phones are now using lithium batteries, no memory effect. But once a month battery cycle, you can calibrate the battery power, but also make the battery healthier. In fact, we do not need to let the battery to 0% and then charge, as long as almost 8% to start charging to 100%, even if the completion of a battery cycle.


How to save power?

1. Do not use dynamic wallpaper and 3D Touch wallpaper

iPhone 6S contains some custom dynamic wallpaper, in addition to the previous iOS7, iOS8 in the traditional dynamic wallpaper, there are 3D Touch wallpaper, press the 3D Touch screen wallpaper will move up. Although the dynamic wallpaper looks very beautiful, because of the need for additional processing power, it will affect the battery life. Using static images as a lock screen will be more power-save.


2. Close the positioning settings for some apps

When a user is using a mobile phone, some applications may track user locations for some purpose. But this will increase the power consumption, especially in the case of continuous tracking of mobile phone users. To turn off the application tracking location, the user can select "Settings" -> "Privacy" -> "location service", find the appropriate application, its location service permissions set to "in the use of this application" (While Using the App). If you do not need this application location service, the user can consider completely shut down its location service function.


How to hide the phone application

We all know iPhone 6s when leaving factory will be pre-installed some applications, some of which for our China mainland users are not useful, but occupy much desktop space, so many friends want to hide them. But in general, without jailbreak, then there is no way to hide the application in new iPhone, and now Cell Phone Age com to introduce how to take advantage of iOS9 vulnerability, by which no need to jailbreak you can still hide the application.


The first step, long presses an application to enter the edit mode. The second step, and then stack the two applications to generate a folder. Step 3, and then enter the folder as quickly as possible, drag the application you want to hide to the right and drag it to the next page, hold the application to keep it in the "floating" state, and press the Home button at the same time, then the application will disappear. In this way the hidden application does not really disappear, or uninstalled, if you need to re-display the hidden application can only restart the device.


In the subway where there is no WiFi signal, the phone will consume more power because it will keep searching for the connection. Before returning to a place where there is signal, it is suggested to set the phone to the flight mode. With the launch of iPhone 8 series and iPhone X, prices of previous models have dropped a lot. Now for an unlocked iPhone 6s 64GB, it will only cost you less than 300USD on Cell Phone Age com.

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