How to identify adulterated milk

By Anisha Gupta
  • Jul 21, 2017

For most of us, our daily diet is almost unimaginable without milk. But not every time the milk we take is pure. Be it milk vendors or even the most reputed brands, adulteration of milk is rampant. Longing for some fresh, nutritious and non-adulterated milk? Fear not, as we give you a handy guide of how you can make out if the milk you are buying is fit for consumption or not.

1) Give your sense organs a sniff check!

Synthetic milk can easily be identified by bad taste and odour. All you have to do is sniff! If you can sense a soapy odour and if it feels soapy when rubbed with fingers, then the milk has been made by mixing chemicals. 


Pure milk is naturally sweet. If the milk in your fridge tastes bitter or sour, then it is either stale or has possibilities of being adulterated with detergent and soda. 

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