how to dress on a budget and impress

By Anisha Gupta
  • Aug 10, 2017

The first day is always special for new college kids. But many do face problems with the selection of clothes. Playing around with a basic cotton kurta or jazzing it up with jewellery can do the trick, say experts. 

* Play it chic: It is important to choose the right collection for your college days, as mix and match works wonders. Carry a scarf in your bag as you can match it with any of your clothes. Scarves won’t cost you more than 100 bucks and you can team it plain T-shirts. Spend the rest of the money on a pair of rugged jeans and ballerinas.

* Cotton kurtas: The basic cotton kurta will not cost you more than Rs 500, but make sure you buy a kurta which you can wear like a dress. Team up your dress or kurta with funky jewellery and a pair of flats.

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