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Helping Your Partner Recover from Addiction

By Superman
  • Jun 25, 2015

Addiction to anything is something hard to control. But it is not impossible to recover from addiction. There are remedies and ways to fight with your addiction. If your partner is addict and wants to recover from it, definitely it would only be a tough and hard time for you, but also for the addict. As a partner to addict your responsibilities are doubled. The only thing which you have to be focus upon is to give your partner as much support as you can. But this does not mean to forget your goals. You have to keep things balanced. 

Self Realization 

An addict in a home affects the entire environment of the home and behavior of all the family members. Fights and bickering, abusing and scolding become routine chores. Emotional chaos and a plenty of uneasiness prevails in the household environment. If you have two addicts living together, this further worsen the situation, as they both support each other in all their addictions. This makes things hard to control for you. A single addict is hard to control two are more than enough, especially under the same roof. 

This best way to handle this situation is to seek help from an addiction recovery therapist, specialized in couple's counseling as well. He or she will help you and your partner to lead a happier free of codependence life. Self realization in an addict is a key for steady improvement. 

Stay Cool and Calm 

Recovery phase is not easy. Many times your partner loose his/her temper and might burst at you, abuse you or scold you. You have to stay calm and cool in all those situations. Never be a part of any depressing situation. You have to be calm enough and keep an account for your partner's feelings and emotions. Try to control the situation with your cool behavior and try to make your partner feel stable and calm. 

Give Comfortable Environment 

If you feel that your partner is self pitied, depressed and even feeling guilty, encourage them with good examples. Try to bring them out of that phase by different activities. Call your friends have a party or other such stuff can help you to bring your partner out of that anxiety. Make him/her realize that they are like other people and not less than those. 

Get others to help, if needed 

It is not the requirement to be the only one to help your partner. You can seek help from other close family members and friends. Friends and family members can actually play an important role in the treatment of your addicted partner. Any encouragement source can be beneficial for an addict person.

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