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Government Jobs- A key to Job Security or Responsibility

By Veeraj Vashishtha
  • Aug 04, 2016

We all know very well India is a growing country and our beloved Prime Minister always boasts about the demographics of INDIA as a young nation. Obviously, we are young and this leads us to different scenarios, 


1. We may become more ambitious
2. As young nation we might be prone to mistakes


These two above listed scenarios are very basic and every nation/individual faces them time and again. There is one more important point


"Are we creating enough Values among our youngsters to catch hold of the above two scenarios responsibly and even if they fall,they have the courage to stand up and walk again"


The answer to my experience is a big NO. Starting from Parents to teachers to relatives when you talk about jobs it's always like "Mil Jaye bus main phod doonga".Now if it's a corporate setup, they grill you, exploit you, train you , show you a path and develop a competitive professional out of you but if you compare it to"Government Jobs" the scenario is completely opposite.


The mindset for Government jobs in our country is "Hey Bhagwaan Ek baar lag jaaye zindagi Sawar jaayegi"

Now is this "Zindagi Sawar Jaayegi" phrase is for earning under the table, or is it about making your seat so secure that you can sit and eat.


The problem I have is not from Government Jobs or people competing for it, but with the mindset. Why can't this mindset be I want to go into government because I want to serve people. i will serve two instances.

1. I was travelling in train with my wife and there was this Guy, 20-23 years old, and he said this and that about Government jobs, being as passionate as him (he was for Govt Jobs and I for my own Internet Marketing) I thought there must be some value he wants to add just like I add to my job. I asked him this question :-

"Bhai karna kya chahte ho" and reply was "Government Job main karna thodi hota hai kuch, bus lag jaaye ek baar, life k maje hai phir toh".

I swear I smashed him with my words like hell and entire bogie was clapping


" i said just think about that farmer who grows wheat for you, he doesnt get water on time because someone like u thinking this doesnt release it, he goes to sell it to government and he doesn't get money on time becase someone like u...and then he goes to bank to deposit it he just can't bec of someone like u"


What the hell u think of urself and your insane thinking...... he said sorry. But this mindset is runining this country.


2. I went to SBI bank last week for enquiring about "Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana" a scheme for girl child. I asked them about what documents I shall be requiring for this. First for five minutes he did not answer, then he gave me another customers paper and said see it from it "First it was a breach of confidentiality straight away between the bank and that customer" how come that guy give me any other customer personal banking documents this is insane right guys. Second I said,do i need to open an account in your bank he didn't replied first and then he said "Khulwaa le naa kitni baar bataaaun tujhe ". 

I was so frustrated at him that i threw my papers on his face and said there are enough private banks and they atleast know how to talk and service clients....


He said "Ghar se uthwaa loonga tujhe" hahahahahahha :-) :-) 


Now the question is "is this what we are teaching our young generations". 


Or do we need to create such environments inb Government offices that it is performance based, KPI based and everyone knows thathe will have to run to survive.


Note :- People might think or say I am writing this because I couldn't get through, just as a disclaimer I chose it on my own and I am damn happy about it, because I am adding some value and this is for those 4-5% people because of which entire department is cursed.


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