Frequent known problem summary for iPhone 7 series

By Chris Cui
  • Oct 11, 2017

Every year the new iPhone's sale will be accompanied by both praise and doubt sound. Although in recent two years Apple's ability to innovate was again and again questioned, this still did not affect the iPhone’s global hot sale. In 2016 Apple did not publish the first week of sales, but according to third-party statistics company data, iPhone 7 and iPhone7 plus the first week of sales is basically equal with iPhone 6s, although the outside for iPhone7 is slightly unsatisfactory. But the global Apple fans force let the Apple safely survived the first week of the new iPhone sale.


But as more and more users get and use a new phone, iPhone 7 many problems also will be exposed, which includes the current sound, heat, loss of signal, etc., some of these problems attributed to the bad quality control for first batch of iPhone 7. But some people attributed them to the product design is unreasonable. Cell Phone Age is also the first time on the iPhone 7 recent problems were summarized.


Serious fever

This is the most reflected problem from current user. The new iPhone 7 and Plus in the normal use of the process will be a lot of fever, especially when the camera to open the camera or a long time to open the screen for network operation (such as watching online video or brush page), the heat will be very obvious The According to the feedback provided by users and our own experience, iPhone 7 fever is obviously not normal, before the 6S and other products on a large game or run a large number of applications to adjust the performance of the machine will appear serious fever problems in the iPhone 7 on the normal, in addition to the basic function of the operation, almost 90% of the mobile phone operation will cause the phone overheating. The main heat from the camera next to the next part, and through the dismantling can see this part is the A10 processor where, so the initial judgment from the processor heat. As of now, Apple has not on the iPhone 7 and Plus serious fever to respond to the problem.


Back current sound

The back of the current sound of the earliest exposure to Twitter, many users said that in the use of mobile phones in the process, in addition to fever, but also accompanied by imperceptible but frequent current sound, and even Twitter appeared HissGate, buzzgate (noise door) topic. Online a lot of news that the iPhone7 heavy load running some programs, the body load is too heavy will cause the problem. But in our own mobile phone and through the surrounding similar situation occurred in the feedback.


In fact, this problem does not require most of the load operation, open the camera interface, slide the screen to switch the shooting mode, the lens part will appear more obvious Current sound, there are friends to us reflected in the charge and run third-party software when there will be the same problem. At present, Apple did not make a positive response to this problem, we also on this issue of customer service in China had a consultation, did not get a specific solution. From the current situation, only in the phone charge or press the screen when the capacitor changes occur when a similar situation does not rule out the first iPhone7 in the internal design there are some flaws.


No anti-scratched for jet black

This issue was reminded through the official website in the iPhone7 at the beginning of the sale. IPhone Jet Black and the use of the same process in previous years, the metal material through the anodizing and polished several times, made a similar ceramic texture, really make people have to admire the level of Apple's technology. And bright black because the process is difficult, the cost increases, has become Apple on this year's iPhone 7 on the absolute "emperor version". The market to bring the bright black market all the way to soar, but in our interview with several of the purchase of bright black iPhone 7 users, they give the advice is "don’t buy Jet Black if frost".


The reason is that Apple in the bright black iPhone 7 polishing process used to give the phone shell can bring a new look and feel, but for the wear resistance is reduced too much, almost as long as the use will have the extent of scratches. Stuff from Cell Phone Age did a test on jet black iPhone 7 in the normal use of a week without a case, on the top and bottom of phone scratches are the most obvious. Apple in the official website of the purchase instructions have been reminded to the user, the current problem can only be solved by matching the case, since have made the choice of jet black, unless you do not care, otherwise the phone case must be inseparable from it.


From the iPhone 7 after the sale, the screen problems appear in the major domestic and foreign forums. The most problem feedback is the iPhone 7 down half of the screen yellow, and the upper half of the screen partial white. Apple official admitted the screen problem, if your iPhone 7 really happens with screen problems, you can change through the policy of Apple 14 days to replace. Besides you can also choose to buy brand new iPhone 7 screen digitizer replacements from online shop Cell Phone Age com.

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