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Find out Kapil Sharma Misbehaved With Sunil Grover

By Kanishka Arora
  • Mar 21, 2017

The famous and stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma had fight with Sunil as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi in the heavily popular show. Kapil said that the bond they share with is truly inseparable.

Kapil Sharma is on the top of the news in these days, for different-different reasons and not for all the right. Firstly, we get to know that he hitched to his lovable and long-time girlfriend whom he lovingly called Ginni. The love birds have share the bonds forever. Suddenly came the shocking news in to picture that Kapil indulged in a nasty fight with Sunil Grover while coming back from Australia to India. The drunken brawl, initiated by Kapil got so messy that the fellow passengers were super embarrassed by it. Sunil preferred to keep a low profile and did not want to talk about it, Kapil went all guns blazing admitting to having fought with Sunil and he also defended himself, trivializing the whole issue. Making it sound like it had been sensationalized.

Kapil said that we fight for good work, we fight everywhere. He accepted the fight but said that it was the healthy fight. This is for the very first time in news, that due to alcohol he misbehaved with Mr. Sunil and he plays the whole things down.
Kapil Sharma was drunked had abused Sunil Grover and it was not the friendly fight. It’s true that they fight but not ready to accept the situation. He apologised to everyone after getting normal. Said the traveller.

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Sunil Grover looks so upset and decided to quit the Kapil Sharma Show. This is not acceptable to the star like this. This is not the first time he did, earlier also Kapil Sharma refused to give Sunil Grover a salary hike, then he decided to go for his own show “Mad in India” on Star Plus.
The two-famous comedian always been compared by their fan followings.
Do you think that this behaviour will be acceptable or not?



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