Self Improvement

Few Things Which Need to Keep in Mind in Our 20s

By Kanishka Arora
  • Mar 30, 2017

Today’s generation is far active, enthusiastic and different from our parents’ generation. Teen age is the most exciting and eventful period of our lives. But it's also the time when we are too tough on ourselves and are swamped with regrets. But what we don't realize is that it's the same for everyone.
If you surrounded yourself with the good and nice company, then you and your company can only raise you up. If someone surrounded by bad groups they can drag you in bad circle, but only if you permit it. This age is very sensitive to understand and think of any emotional and rational decisions. There are some mistakes which mostly can do at this age.

  • Going for a job interview with full of nervousness and tried too hard to sound perfect.
  • Spending weekends doing nothing productive, when we do something very important.
  • Dating with a wrong person and knowing that he/she is not the right for you.
  • This happens almost with everyone that people don’t want to accept their faults because of their   Ego issues.
  • Being too involved in social media, stalking people, doing chats and doing everything to get more followers.
  • Impulsively going on dates, you didn't want to just because you're bored while all your other friends are making plans with their partners
  • Taking up the wrong job because you're too lazy to work towards getting the right one, so you grabbed the first opportunity that came your way.
  • Quitting a job impulsively over a silly fight.
  • Have not started for saving money.
  • Being too careless about important documents and losing your identity cards or high school certificates.
  • Always promising to yourself to 'get in shape' but never stick to our decisions and workout schedule.
  • Giving someone too many chances just because you don't want to lose that person.
  • Making always mistakes many times and said we are all slow learners and freshers after all.

These are the few things which everyone does in their life at some point of time. We should try to get out of these bad habits, which will help us in growing and makes your future bright. We always try to get involved in good companies, who can guide us, when we are wrong, slaps us when we are out of control, makes us laugh, smile, encourage us, motivate us and be there for us always. We can say that, a good companion can make us a good friend, good person and a good soul. 

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