Eyes Are Priceless

By Kanishka Arora
  • Mar 30, 2017

Eyes are my best organ for the everyone and its look so beautiful. But now a day every second person has a weak eye power due to inappropriate diet, excessive working on laptops, watching TV, sometimes its heredity problem. For this people need to wear glasses and behind glasses our beautiful eyes hides and changes the look of our face too. 
Many of the people don’t want to wear glasses because they don’t like. Foe the people whose eye sight is weak and don’t want to wear glasses they can wear contact lenses. The eyes are the most precious gifts given by God for us. This is true that, the most expensive things are the most favourite likewise the more precious they are, the more sensitive they are. That is the only reason people take special care for their eyes. Earlier people used to wear eyeglasses for the weak eye sights and to get rid of the problems. But the technique has changed a lot eye treatment comfortable and easier. If some doesn’t want go for surgery they can wear, contact lenses of their own choices. 
People thinks that the contact lenses are not safe for our eyes, but this is not true because everything has its pros and cons. Some precautions must take while wearing contact lenses but yes, it’s safe. Let’s have a look of benefits and Losses of Contact Lenses:


Benefits of Contact Lenses:


  • Accurate vision of the eyes.
  • Excellent adaptation period
  • Easy to wear and care
  • Correct most vision problems
  • Good initial comfort    
  • Ease of adaptation    
  • Long wearing times    
  • More difficult to over wear lenses    
  • Absence of spectacle blur    
  • Good for intermittent wear    
  • Natural facial expression    
  • Less photophobia    
  • Fewer problems with foreign bodies    
  • Less risk of infection and Low risk of loss

Myths of Contact Lenses:


  • Wearing contact lenses can causes eye problems.
  • Contact lenses are too much trouble to take care of.
  • Contact lenses are very expensive.
  • A contact lens will get lost behind my eye.

So, get rid of the fear and try this season the new contact lenses, which will add more attraction on your face and gives you a different look this season.

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