Experience the innovation brave change iPhone 6s plus

By Chris Cui
  • Mar 07, 2018


Apple's devices are always the most popular products of the year, which is mainly represented by smart phones iPhone series. IPhone is also the source of Apple's profits, so Apple's requirements on iPhone are often difficult to imagine by ordinary people. The latest iPhone 6s plus has been released. As a company who has thousands of crazy fans, what a surprising technology Apple brings users this time?


Whether it is the appearance of change or internal progress is that we all want to see and hope to feel. First iPhone 6s plus on the appearance has no significant change, this is the most intuitive feeling from consumers. If you pick it up then you will feel a significant change in body weight relative to the previous generation increase about 20g upgrades.


If you are a little sister, holding a long time hands will feel tired, coupled with the iPhone 6s plus screen share is not very high, even more exacerbated this feeling. The previous iPhone 6 plus is easy to bend by a lot of people when sitting down because the hardness of the metal body is not enough to hold heavy human body. And the iPhone 6s plus directly on the use of a higher hardness of the 7000 series aluminum alloy, whether it is on hardness or wear aesthetics there is a great improvement.


On basic parameters and configuration of Apple iPhone 6s plus, the processor using Apple A9 + M9 coprocessor, RAM for 2GB, ROM for 16GB, 5.5-inch 1080P screen, support for force touch, front 5 million pixel camera, rear 12 million pixel camera , 2750 mAh battery, does not support fast charge. Run ios9.0 operating system.


From the above point of view on Apple iPhone 6s plus configuration, although it is not as good as latest generation iPhone 7 configurations, as Apple ios operating system optimization is better, to better play the performance of mobile phone hardware. Therefore, the Apple iPhone 6s plus in the daily application is still very smooth for using, the basic crash phenomenon will not happen.


Next is the focus of the release of Apple's 3D Touch of iPhone 6s plus, also known as pressure touch layer. 3Dtouch can achieve the other layer of interaction in addition to vertical and horizontal, that is Z-axis press, which can let the screen feel the different pressing efforts from fingers so that achieve different cross-purpose. This is the latest technology of intelligent machines, I believe this technology will adapt with more applications in the future, continue to improve the intensity of third-party integration. This is not a very difficult thing for Apple.


For many mobile phone players, Apple's iPhone is definitely a high-end pronoun, and although now Huawei, Samsung these brands keeps the rhythm of catching up with Apple iPhone. Some brands have developed their own black technology, but iPhone still occupies the vast majority of high-end mobile phone market by virtue of its own ios system and unique ecology.


If you buy iPhone 7 now, in fact, it is likely that there is no Cost-effective. After all, according to many breaking news, known as a lot of innovation iPhone 8 will come out soon. And iPhone 7 as known as the generation of least innovative even if the price is decreasing all the time, it can be said that the price is still particularly high. And as iPhone today's sub-flagship, in fact if you want to experience the unique ecology of iPhone, but also high performance and cabbage prices, and now the most worthy of buying phone may be iPhone 6s plus, especially the minimum capacity of 16GB version.


Take a look at iPhone 6s Plus as the flagship phone of Apple in 2015, in all aspects of the data are very beautiful, A9 processor, plus 500w + 1200w camera combination, 2GB running memory, plus high-definition screen, large battery! These specifications make iPhone 6s Plus in the next two years will not be eliminated. Last year's new flagship iPhone 7, compared to the iPhone 6s Plus, the main changes are in the processor. The machine uses A10 processor, performance better than the iPhone 6s Plus increased by 30%. Although the performance is very nice, but there is a drawback that iPhone 7 battery life is far worse than iPhone 6s Plus.


Now where are you buying the iPhone, Online or offline? Now the channels of purchasing iPhone is too many, quite a mixed bag, so many people are not clear mind, and so many profiteers profiteering pot full of pot full while a lot of freshman have been used as cannon fodder and quietly pay for their ignorance!


Many second-hand online platforms are selling such an iPhone. They are shoddy, change small RAM to large, change the shell, after the renovation sell it as brand new one. In fact think that change the RAM doesn’t matter too much, basically does not affect the performance of mobile phones. But the most damn thing is to buy modified assembly phones.


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