Different Types Of Lubrication Pumps

By Brian Robson
  • Aug 12, 2016

Lubrication pumps play a vital role in healthy lubrication practices that increase the power efficiency of a machine while reducing its downtime. These pumps are one of the major components of the lubrication systems, without them, the system is not able to operate and provide the proper lubrication to different machine parts. Given below are a few options in lubrication pump that you can purchase to keep your machinery run smoothly at all times.


1) Grease Pumps – Grease pumps are the most widely used pumps in the industrial world. Grease pumps are used to force grease as a lubricant to different parts of a machine. These pumps work on the pull of the handle, once the handle is pulled, grease is used to dispense through the suction port. The amount of grease lubricated to the machine parts, helps in their smooth functioning and prevent contamination. Grease pumps have major effects on services that depends on mass manufacturing and production units in a number of industries.


2) Pneumatic Pumps – These pumps are reliable and more durable for proper lubrication purposes. The lubricating process or mechanism of pneumatic pumps is somewhat different from other categories of pumps. They use pressurized air to operate lubrication practices. They are able to handle any kind of fluid, even those that contain some solid material. They are very cost effective and helps in reducing chemical waste, lost production, repair time, energy consumption and increase program effectiveness. They also help in preventing corrosion and lessen the risk of seal problems.


3) Electric Grease Pumps – These are used in an industrial environment of heavy machineries and mining applications. These pumps get activated by using an ON/OFF switch attached to the terminal box. Electric grease pumps use a high-pressure gun to lubricate individual lubrication points. It is a time and effort saving alternative and is very easy to use, even in mobile applications.


In addition to these, there are various lubrication pumps available in the market for maintaining high industry standards. While selecting a specific lubrication pump, ensure that the pump provides a double action pumping system which ensures that large volumes are pumped effortlessly and efficiently.

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