Causes Due To Excessive Use of Mobile Phones

By Kanishka Arora
  • May 05, 2017

We know that everything has a pros and cons, same as with the invention of Mobile phones. Mobile invention was good because we can easily connect with our love ones and at the time of need it’s the easiest mode through we can express ourselves. Earlier mobile considered the need of a person but now it could be considered as an accessory, status and many more things.

Now a day, we don’t use phones, phone is using us. We don’t have time to help a needy person for a minute but we do have the time to click the selfies, engaged themselves on watsapp, facebook and on social media. 

Today’s generation spent more than 90% of their time on phone. Reason could be anything. The losses caused by mobile phones to humans does not just happen suddenly or overnight? It always takes gradual time and later turns into something serious and severe in the coming age which damages might be very serious for treatment and takes more time to get healed.

The fear of being without your mobile phone (Nomophobia) is recognized as a serious issue.
It has been surveyed that the college students spend more than ten hours a day on their cell phones, surfing the internet, using camera’s and many more things. There are many diseases which causes due to excessive using of cell phones:
Skin Damages:
To avoid causing fatal damage to your skin when using your mobile phone to make calls, always use a hands-free device and avoid bringing your phone in contact to your skin.
Cancer is one the most dangerous disease and it also causes due to excessive using of cell phones. 
Ear Defects:
One major danger of excess use of a cell phone is the risk of damaging the ear drum. To avoid the risk of damaging your ear drum, whenever you want to make or receive calls let your phone’s speaker stay at a reasonable distance from your ear or reduce your phone speaker’s volume whenever you want to put it near your ear.

These are the things which we should avoid…


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