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Can an ordinary Joe replace a busted iPhone 5s screen

By Chris Cui
  • May 11, 2017


  Late last week, my barely 2-month-old iPhone 5S made an unfortunate new friend: the driveway. The dog yanked hard on his leash, the phone went flying, and sure enough: spider-glass cracks from top to bottom. This was despite my iPhone 5S residing in a seemingly durable wood case. Actually, the DIY costs significantly less than hiring a pro. But how difficult it is? Otherwise, you can send it to Apple store. If you purchase this screen replacement in a third-party, you will not only enjoy the professional service and staff, but also can meet your demands of DIY for repairing.


  It still worked, thankfully, but obviously the screen needed to be replaced. I'd been down this road last year when my wife's iPhone 4S met a similar fate, and had a found a local shop willing to do the repair for $70 -- painful, but a penalty I could swallow. So I called to inquire about my 5S. According to this real plot, if he went to the Apple shop, it will cost him a lot of money. You still have other option. Fix it by yourself. Here, he choose the latter one. He bought an iPhone 5s screen replacement on a third-party retailer. It only cost him a tiny amount of bucks. In comparison, he found a practical one.


  One situation: if the phone has a serious surgery. The process of removing, and then replacing, an iPhone screen involves a lot of very delicate work. There are fragile ribbon cables, wee connectors at the ends of those cables, and screws so tiny I have to marvel at humanity's ability to mass-produce them. He recalled the whole process: Thanks to my magnifier, though, I'm able to do the work while following along with the video. Over the course of about an hour, I remove the cracked glass/LCD and then carefully install the new one. It's not difficult, just slow going and a little nerve-wracking. The how-to vid has great angles and close-ups for some steps but seems to gloss over others. A few times I referred to other videos for clarification, which proves helpful. Amazingly, I'm able to get the iPhone back together, and it looks perfect. You'd never know the screen had been replaced. But will it actually function? In the end, the moral of the story, for me at least, is to make sure my iPhone is adequately protected, even if it means using a case that adds extra bulk. And if I end up needing a repair that's not covered under warranty, it's probably worth letting a pro do it -- painful as it may be on my wallet.


  Here, I firmly recommend a reliable retailer to you at This screen replacement for iPhone 5s LCD touch screen is high-premium part. We promise all of our screens go through QC testing in order to ensure customers to receive a better screen parts. Our iPhone 5S screen features the beautiful 4 inch Retina display. With a pixel density of 326 PPI and over 16 million colors. As a bonus, we also include a set of free tools for installation. What’s more, our fanatical customer support and QC specialist is standby to guide you during the entire process of installation. A set of tool included which can assist you to do it by yourself. Ordinary Joe will operate it. Definitely, if you have any further question, you can ask us for help. The Grade O is strongly recommended. Because it’s professional repairing one. That is an original iPhone 5s screen replacement. An extra 120 days warranty.


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