Brazilian pilots Dangerous selfies taken mid flight has shocked social media

By Era Kapoor
  • Sep 12, 2017

Cruising over Palm Islands in Dubai, flying above New York with his head sticking out of the window: this pilot’s selfies are going viral. But they are fake.


A brazilian pilot has over 72K followers on Instagram, but he’s posted only 26 photos. Reason? He’s been sharing heavily photoshopped images of his selfies, that seem to be taken mid-flight. His photoshopping skills have attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, some even believing these photos to be real.


The pilot uses the classic Photoshop technique - superimposing an aerial image over a selfie. In the captions he’s clearly stated that these images are not real; one of the images reads, “Photoshop mode ON”, while another reads, “I have to let you know that photo is fake guys, just in case.”


Not all images are this unreal. Some of his posts are more down-to-earth, literally.

But there are many clues that give him away. For instance, his perfectly set hair, in one of the photos his sunglasses show the reflection of the tarmac and in another the pilot is showing a thumbs up to a camera, which could only be assumed to be placed on the plane’s nose.


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