Bicycle Mounted Adjustable clamp Cellphone Holder

By Chris Cui
  • Oct 20, 2017


Our cellphones are slim and thin, it is not convenient for holding on our hand all the time. Accidently, it is easy to slip and drop when we holding the phone and staring on the screen while walking. This could be worse especially when we are riding a bike and taking out our cellphone for reading massages. Our cellphone bring so much frustration on display screen crash and so much cost for repairing. That’s why we design cellphone holders for daily use. There are some styles of cellphone holders on the market. We are mainly taking about a new style of adjustable clamp holder here, which are used for bicycle riders, from the features of this holder and attentions on daily use.


Out structure of this clamp style holder


This clamp style idea come the self-timer, a popular tool for taking photos these year. This holder is like a large clamp with turntable base and screw. You can clamp your cellphone and fixed it on any long stick or pipe around you. The clamp could be stretched and pitch your phone tightly. No matter where you are planning to go on your bike, go extreme for mountain biking or go for a ride in the city, this bike mount is the perfect cradle for Holding and Protecting your smartphone and other devices you are using during your trip. It has a smart design that allows you to install, adjust or remove very easy from your bike. It holds any phone up to 3.7" and it makes it even more secure with the silicone bands that go around the corners.


Bike Mount with a cleaver construction which makes it very easy to install, adjust or remove

No tools required to install, screw the flipper to Hold firmly and remove the mount very easily.


Mount Installation:

1. Open the clip and place the rubber into the handle.

2. Attach the support to bike handle by unscrew the clip and fastened the handle.

3. Stretch and work the rubber band over the clip handle.

4. Connect the clip and the support together. Twist the screw cap until tight.

5. Install your phone into the mount.

6. Stretch the rubber band's corners over your mobile device's corners.


Some best bike mount cellphone holder for iPhone  




The Vibrelli universal bike mount has a circular bracket that easily fits around your bike's handlebars, so your iPhone sits in a convenient location for easy access whenever you need it. The Vibrelli holds your phone secure with two methods: a clamp — that adjusts to being as wide or as narrow as you need — sits against the sides of your phone and a silicone band that wraps around the corners of your phone to stop it from moving out of place! Installation is pretty easy but does require a few basic tools that are not included with the bike mount, but for around $18, the Vibrelli universal bike mount is absolutely worth it.


Tigra bike mount


If you need a bike mount that allows your phone to be used in both landscapes and portrait orientation, the CAW mount is a good choice to keep in mind. This particular bike mount comes with an adjustable circular bracket that will fit virtually any bike's handlebars, and when your phone is sitting in the mount, you'll still have access to all of your buttons and ports, making it easy for you to get the most out of your phone when you are riding. The stem of the mount is slightly elongated, allowing your iPhone to sit a little closer to you, so it's always easy to access and see when you're peddling. You can pick up the CAW bike mount for around $19.


TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder


Highly-rated, durable, and perfect for traversing those fall trails without worrying about every bump and dip in the path, the TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder is a non-slip device that'll make the perfect mate for your bike. This easy to install and remove clamp secures your iPhone firmly to your handlebars, while an all-around guard protects your phone in case you actually take a tumble. The clamp costs around $13, so if you're worried about spending too much, the TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder is a reliable, well-reviewed option worth considering. With this bike mount, you can rotate your iPhone 360 degrees, and if you need to get it off your bike quickly, there's a simple push button design that instantly releases your iPhone!


Choose a suitable bike mount clamp cellphone holder for your iPhone is important if you like riding bicycle outdoors. This article is just for reference before you purchase a cellphone holder for your bike.

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