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Back to the G G panel for the iPhone 7 screen digitizer

By Chris Cui
  • Jun 09, 2017


  We live in the age of iPhones. Apple has sold over a billion of them now, and they're used every day by our families, our friends, our colleagues, our classmates. Not too long ago, the idea of so many of us having incredibly accessible, always connected, supercomputers in our pockets would be the stuff of science fiction. Now, it's so commonplace we take it for granted. Back to G / G panel for the iPhone 7 screen digitizer is becoming a trend.


  From the first LCD screen, the iPhone 5 LCD screen assembly has been using in-cell display technology. In-cell technology differs from G/G panels (glass on glass panels) by combining LCD screen, digitizer and touch input into a single layer in order to achieve thinner and lighter. According to china supply chain sources, Apple iPhone 7 LCD screen assembly replacement may switch back to G/G panels. The drawbacks of in-cell panels are hindering Apple to implement higher resolution such as Ultra HD 4K. Another reason of why Apple may switch back to fully laminated G/G technology is because In-cell touch panels is less sensitive toward the edges if Apple is going into bezel free direction. iPhone repair technician please stay tuned at for further leaked insiders news about iPhone 7. Meanwhile, if you are interested on iPhone LCD screen parts, you can go in discussion for a wholesale account with experienced supplier,


  Many simple issues with the iPhone can be solved by restarting it, but several more complex problems require turn professional technicians’ help. The may help you tackle this problem. As for the iPhone 7, the digitizer and the screen that shows the images are bonded together. The quality is your first priority. In other words, the better the quality is, the more durable it will be. Before the repairing process, a testing is necessary. Meanwhile, couples of benefits you will enjoy, such as warranty, DIY instruments and so on.


  In fact, the iPhone 7 has the highest absolute color accuracy of any display of any kind measured by DisplayMate, meaning it beats out even high-end HDTVs and monitors. The upshot? The only downside is that it looks as though Apple may have hit the limits of what it can accomplish with LCD in a smartphone. In fact, despite being largely the same technology, the iPhone 7 display falls short of the killer iPad Pro’s because smartphones don’t play as nice with the tablet’s scratch-friendly anti-reflective coating. An LCD display can also never curve, or flex, or offer quite the same efficiency as its OLED counterpart, no matter how advanced it gets.


  The iPhone 7 screen digitizer replacement has different grades. We’d like to introduce a kind of Grade R LCD screen replacement. A reliable third-party retailer offers the high-premium quality screen parts and those products go through rigorous QC testing. At the same time, the new edition of iPhone screen is extremely expensive. While we not only provide you with a pretty better screen as the original one, but also we equip with a quality guarantee at a lower price. Absolutely, if you are a technical expert or enthusiast, I recommend you do it by yourself. Because our screen comes with 7 piece installation tool kit. This is convenient to you. Here is a kind notice: please test the functionality of this smart device before installation. Meanwhile, we offers the 45 days guarantee. If your iPhone 7 meet some further problems within the period, we will return the cash to you. As our iPhone screen digitizer replacement is high-premium one as the original one at a lower price.  

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