Apple mania leaves feedback about refurbished iPhone 5

By Chris Cui
  • May 02, 2017

The mass of users give us some reliable feedback about the iPhone 5. As the next generation of the 4s, it gained the popularity and became one of the most popular smart phones around. Many customers may prefer this model because of the larger screen but slim design. If you are willing to buy a relative high-premium iPhone5, there are a lot of iPhone 5 unlocked refurbished available on the market.

This is greatly aided by the use of aluminum in its construction. The use of aluminum helps make the phone look every bit a part of the elite upper crest. This however, isn't without its drawbacks. The aluminum body is very prone to scratches, and some phones that are just a couple of months old, would feel right at home with the relics at the museum. Also, there have been many instances of customers receiving handsets with the paint chipping off right out of the box. Also, while most people would welcome the taller screen, the same old waistline as the 4S may not appeal to everyone; although it needs to be added here that the slim waistline makes the phone extremely 'thumb-able', without the need of both hands for most operations.

The users give us some real feedback about the iPhone 5.

The merits our customers present:

  1. Taller design, without hampering the one-handed use of the device
  2. All aluminum body makes it both, light and sturdy
  3. The new lightning connector is a lot smaller and durable than the older connectors.

  The demerits our customers present:

  1. His body is prone to chipping, and is a scratch magnet.
  2. The taller construction isn't to everyone's liking.
  3. The position of the 3.5 mm jack isn't all too convenient.
  4. The smaller lightning ports mean no backward compatibility with the older accessories in the market.

The screen on the iPhone 5 is one to behold. Even the greatest 'I Haters' would agree that the screen on board this phone is amongst the best on a phone today. The 4" screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640, squeezes in 326 pixels per inch. This in turn translates to some really crisp text, and vibrant images on the phone. The awkward resolution however, is a problem with some apps, which display the content with black letter-box bars on the sides.

  The advantages of this smart device:

  1. 4" screen with 1136 x 640 resolutions.
  2. Gorgeous 326.
  3. Great 16:9 aspect ratio to watch full screen HD movies.
  4. Great sunlight legibility.
  5. Both text and images look crisp.
  6. Great viewing angles.

The disadvantage of this smart device:

The resolution is rather awkward for some apps, which resort to letter-boxing.

The virtue of the mobile phones:

  1. Very nifty 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.
  2. Powerful GPU performance.
  3. LTE for blazing-fast 4G experience.

The vice of the mobile phones:

  1. Dual-core processor seems lesser on paper than most quad-core processors in the market.
  2. Battery life could have been better.
  3. No NFC.
  4. Non-user-accessible battery.
  5. No expandable memory.

Even though a new one may not available for, you can always buy a refurbished iPhone 5 from a reliable distributor online, and there are many benefit you can get from a refurbished iPhone these days.

Although the phone has a dual-core processor, compared to the quad-core CPUs on board most competitors’ flagship devices, the phone does surprisingly well, and even get the competition to bite the dust at certain tasks. Also, the fine-tuned GPU on board the phone delivers a stunning HD gaming and video viewing experience. The phone now ships with an LTE chip for 4G networks. The downside to this is that the battery life takes a very severe hit, and barely makes it through a day on a single charge. Also, Apple decided to leave NFC, which is touted to be the next big thing, out of their flagship device.

   Working on the rather successful ergonomic design of the 4S, the unlocked refurbished iPhone 5 isn't just a pretty face, but is quite an engineering feat in itself. The engineers and designers have pulled out yet another rabbit from the hat, by almost doubling the specs of the old iPhone, and still managing to make it 20% lighter and 18% thinner than its predecessor.

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