Analysis of Material of Protective Case for Mobile Phone

By Chris Cui
  • Sep 18, 2017


At present, the smart phone is still a very hot spot on the digital market, every year a lot of new models to launch on sale, attracting a large number of mobile enthusiasts, and manufacturers have rushed into the field. In recent years, people from doing the notebook, software, tablet, website and singing are all blending to make phone.


The popularity of smart phones brings price of cheaper, it is an indisputable fact. And this change, but also brought the rise of the mobile phone accessories industry, such as mobile power, mobile phone protection film, protective case, etc.. But in these products, there is no particularly well-known brand. After all, like mobile phone case, protective film and other products, technical content is not very high, while the average user is more to see the appearance and texture to choose.


Speak of mobile phone case, the current product can be said to be varied, grotesque, creative, and even many products have been beyond the scope of ordinary people can accept. Of course, when face a large number of protective shell products, just choose from the appearance, eye-catching and touch sense, then it may be a bit biased.


In fact, for the mobile phone protection shell, the material is also important, as different materials in the characteristics are also different. In using they show different performance, and the current mainstream mobile phone protection shell, what materials were used to? What kind of characteristics? Let’s discuss it today. At present, the material of the phone protective case is mainly divided into cortex, silica gel, water, plastic and metal. The silicone is mostly transparent or translucent, and the cortex, metal and plastic are mostly opaque. Let us take a look at these materials.  


On cortical protective cover, I believe we are basically unfamiliar. In fact, of strictly speaking, the leather jacket is not all made of leather, the skeleton part of the majority or the use of engineering plastics. After all, the lack of fixed skin cannot reach a solid effect. On feel, the leather cortex is soft, and the appearance of modeling chic, elegant, from the point of view on temperament, more suitable for business users to use. In terms of heat spread, cortical protective shell performance is better, with good ventilation, and will not lead to the accumulation of heat generated on the surface of the phone shell.


Although the current mobile phone holster can be seen everywhere, the quality is uneven, artificial leather or fake mixed, the lack of experience of the user can not clearly distinguish. Although the artificial leather or fake skin in the short term will not appear problem, but in long-term use, cracking, open plastic what is always essential. If there is a need to buy a cortex of protective case, but also remember you get what you pay for, do not be deceived by low prices.


Silicone sets should be considered of appearing from the mobile phone industry began to rise, and in my impression, in Saipan era, silicone case is the most favorite mobile phone sets of products. At the time, most of the products are still shoddy to spread the goods, to now, the industry has developed into modest. Silicone gloves soft texture, feel slightly slippery, for a lot of candy bar phone, the basic is used to wear or disassemble violence, with high scalability. And on this product, the price is really cheap. After all, the cost of making this phone sets is not high.


Plastic protection shell at present, I believe it is one of the most common protective shell products. The current for mainstream plastic shells, the majority of its use of engineering plastics (PC / ABS), of course, some products may also add some TPE to enhance the texture. Plastic shell a bit can be said that a lot of its strong shell, a certain degree of protection, and the shell surface can also be pattern with printing, breaking the phone shell has always been dull design. And plastic shell in the process, can be very thin, to minimize the thickness due to installed case.


Finally, we take a look at the metal protective case, and this product is currently in the market basically regarded as high-end products, as the price is usually more expensive. And in modeling, it often looks more eye-catching, user groups are mainly young people, enthusiasts. There are a lot of users often complain about the phone shell strong sense of plastic, metal texture of the protective shell, which I believe can help to these users. Compared to other shells, the metal shell texture is natural and more robust, and has stronger wear resistance. The current metal shell is usually using pure aluminum or aluminum plastic design, the former only cover on the border Part, later basically wraps both sides of the phone as well as the back.


But metal mobile phone case also have some flaws, the first is the weight, it is more than other mobile phone sets to be more heavy, and the thickness of the metal shell generally cannot do too thin. After all, metal shell needs to consider a certain texture problems, if it’s too slim, and then lost the meaning of metal, and too thin is easy to be effected by external crash, easy to deformation.


Overall, the current mobile phone material, according to the needs of different users, can have related products, such as light hand, heavy feeling. When making choice of mobile phone case sale, you may wish to refer to the characteristics of these materials. 

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