All You Need to know about Eyebrow Hair Transplant

By Ricky Martin
  • Mar 28, 2017

Don’t neglect your eyebrows. This pair of naturally shaped section of hair is what that adds a frame to our face. Eyebrows add sharpness and a hint of edginess to our look. Have you ever imagined yourself without eyebrows? Don’t even try to as you won’t be able to recognise yourself. Precisely, a face without eyebrows is like a home without balcony.

However, there are people who suffer from eyebrow thinning or loose eyebrow hair naturally. Number of reasons dwells behind such a condition. However, we will definitely not want a face without eyebrows, as it will make our face look flat without any dimension, charm and magic. Thus, eyebrow hair transplantation is a permanent solution to eyebrow thinning that will add the much needed dimension to your face. However, before we dive deep into the world if eyebrow hair transplant, let us first quickly scan through the reasons behind eyebrow hair loss.

  • Hereditary thin eyebrows
  • Aging Issues
  • Chemotherapy
  • Due over picking in women
  • Burns
  • Sever injury
  • Thyroid problem

So, those are some of the major reasons that can cause eyebrow thinning. Some of the best places in India where you can have this surgery are eyebrow hair transplant in Delhi and eyebrow hair transplant in Pune. These two places are endowed with best medical facilities for eyebrow hair transplantation surgery. Thus, if you are thinking of going under the knife, we suggest you to explore these two places particularly.

A Gist of the Procedure

The hair for this surgery comes from the scalp. The surgery involves a very delicate procedure and is advised to get it done by an expert and skilled person. Here, one or two hairs are transplanted at a time so as to give it the desired natural look. The hair has to be angled and placed in the right direction similar to the direction of natural hair growth. To avoid any kind of scarring or damage, microscopically dissected hair grafts are used.  According to the natural density and size, generally around 50 to 325 hairs are placed during the surgery.

Precautions after the Surgery

  • The transplanted hair will start falling out in two. However, do not bother to care as it will grow back after 3-4 months. For first five days be very cautious while taking shower.
  • Do not rub your eyebrows in the initial stage.
  • Also, if you have the habit of regular exercising, then avoid it for first few weeks of the surgery. Exercising will make you sweat which might incur infection in the operated area.

Final Result

Eyebrow hair starts growing back after 3 to 4 months of the surgery. By the sixth month, full results will be seen. The growth speed of the transplanted hair depends upon the speed of hair growth on the scalp of the donor. With the passing days, the hair growth speed will slow down due to the influence of the skin.

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