All About Jat Arakshan

By Kanishka Arora
  • Mar 22, 2017

The Jat community has been protesting in Haryana for reservation in jobs and colleges under the Other Backward Classes (OBC) quota. The community is demanding to be declared OBC, which will help them secure the 27% OBC reservation in government jobs. The Special Backward Class quota offered by the Khattar government, based on their economic status, has been rejected by the Jats. In Short they are demanding to be declared OBC.

Jat Constitutes 2% of India’s population, 25% of Punjab population, 15% of Rajasthan population, approx. 9% of UP population, 29% of Haryana population. Punjab's Jat community is almost all Sikh and are not part of the current Jat reservation agitation this time.
Jat Arakshan Samiti was formed in the year 2009 and prominently Jats began the campaigns for reservation. This is happening for the second time in the same year. The community has been agitating for OBC status for years, but this time they continued a violent agitation targeting non-jats for the first time.

Daughter of Haryana Anuradha Beniwal (national chess champion) has shared her views about the going protests. She told that "My first coach was a Thakur and another, a Saini. The coach who taught me the finer nuances of the game was from a family of goldsmiths. They didn’t ask me if I was a Jat or a Thakur, a Baniya or a Dalit. They only knew that I belonged to their own Haryana."
She said everything in a very fluent Haryanvi and appeals to all Haryanvis to end this "madness" and give up “violence”.

The Supreme Court had made it clear that caste alone cannot be the reason to approve reservation for a certain community. The apex court had said that to determine backwardness of a community, social backwardness should be the prime concern.

The Supreme Court has clearly made the decision that caste alone can’t be the reason for reservation. To determine the backwardness of a community, social backwardness should be the prime concern-said by the apex court.

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