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Abandoned Fishing Village In China Being Eaten By Nature.

By Aakriti Singhal
  • Jun 24, 2015

Nature has a habit of reclaiming places devoid of people and Tang Yuhong has captured one of her most pleasant attempts at overtaking an abandoned fishing village. Goqui Island is located in Shengsi, a 400 island archipelago at the mouth of Yangtze river in China. The fishermen have all moved to mainland, and nature is crawling over the houses they left behind.


Only 18 of Shengsi islands are inhabitable. The largest one, Sijiao Island, is “only” a five-hour ferry ride away from Shanghai, and offers sea bathing to tourists. The area is also great for fishing, attracting over 100,000 fishermen every winter. It’s a gentle winter, though – this is a subtropical climate area that enjoy a yearly average of 15.8 C (60.44 F).


This explains why the plants in the village look so luscious!














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