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5 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier In Bangalore

By Aakriti Singhal
  • Aug 19, 2015

Living in Bangalore can be difficult, the fast paced life, the crazy traffic , the long working hours leave you with very little time for yourself. Buying groceries or doing laundry is the last thing one wants to do at the end of tiring day.


Bangalore is like a mini app factory where every second person either has a startup that makes some app or works for one. Among this heap of gazillion apps lie a few apps that can really make our lives easier. They can help you do almost anything from finding a house, bring you food, get your groceries, get your laundry done and what not!

Here’s a list of some apps that i personally use to make my life easier. (I am taking the liberty to leave out on the ubers and foodpandas of the world because common, we all know them!)


1. Flatchat: Finding flatmates made easier



Its a pain to find a place to live in Bangalore. I am sure we have all went through that pain at least once. In one line, flatchat can be described as tinder for finding flatmates.


2. Grofers: Anything delivered from a store near you



I officially hate going to the supermarket and standing in that long queue to get my stuff billed. Grofers saves me from that hassle. With grofers i can just place an order on my way back home and have my weekly supplies of groceries waiting for me at my doorstep.


3. Mywash: Washing Your Dirty Clothes Made Easier



Well i don’t know about you but idea of doing laundry does not excite me. I use the Mywash app to get my clothes cleaned. Though i find the price of Rs 19/cloth outrageously high. If you are planning to use them, here is a little tip. They have a 50% discount of Wednesdays which brings the price down to a decent price.


4. Localoye: The easier way to find service providers



A few days ago i was in a desperate need of a carpenter. As someone who has never hired one ever i was clueless about what to do until i discovered localoye. They make it easier to find both blue collar and white collar services be it carpenters and plumbers or photographers and yoga trainers.


5. Spoonjoy: The best way to order home like food



There are tons of food delivery apps out there so what makes spoonjoy different? Well unlike the other apps who bring you food from standard restaurants spoonjoy delivers affordable meals which they cook themselves. With meals priced in the range of Rs 100 — Rs 120 it is something that i use everyday for my lunch and dinner as an alternative to hiring a cook and going through all that hassle!


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