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25 Tallest Dams In The World

By YoYo Boy
  • Aug 01, 2015

Throughout history man has been building dams for various reasons, whether it was to prevent floods, generate electricity, or create a water supply. Starting thousands of years ago in the middle east as small walls, today dams are immensely huge power generation facilities that fulfill a number of tasks and take years to build. So, whether you recognize the impact these architectural wonders have had on your life or not, these are the 25 tallest dams in the world.

25. Toktogul Dam
24. Longtan Dam
23. Glen Canyon Dam
22. Dworshak Dam
21. Contra Dam, Switzerland
20. Hoover Dam, Arizona
19. Luzzone Dam, Switzerland
18. Bhakra Dam, India
17. Karun-4 Dam, Iran
16. Shuibuya Dam, China
15. Chirkey Dam, Russia
14. El Cajón Dam, Honduras
13. Oroville Dam, California
12. Ertan Dam, China
11. Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam, Russia
10. Mica Dam, Canada
9.   Deriner Dam, Turkey
8.   Laxiwa Dam, China
7.   Mauvoisin Dam, Switzerland
6.   Tehri Dam, India
5.   Vajont Dam, Italy
4.   Inguri Dam, Georgia
3.   Grande Dixence Dam, Switzerland
2.   Xiaowan Dam, China
1.   Nurek Dam, Tajikistan

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