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22 Weirdest Things People Say After Getting Drunk.

By Ridhhima Kumar
  • May 05, 2015

22 Weirdest Things People Say After Getting Drunk.

Who hasn’t had those mind blowing moments where a friend is making a fool of himself /herself! Normally after the person is bombed completely, he doesn’t even understand what he’s trying to say. In India well after you are drunken though you don’t dance on the bar table but you shout out so many nonsensical words that you are definitely the New joker of the party!

Here are few funny things we have heard people say when they are drunk:

1. Bhai tu toh bhai hai!

Scenario: You are at least 3 shots down. And your friend just made you another drink!
Drunk Meter: 6/10

2. I love you yaar

Scenario: Yep. Now he just brought a pack of salted peanuts for you!
Drunk Meter: 7/10

3. Yaar mera toh fuck ho gaya

Scenario: You just remembered that ex- Girlfriend who’s now going out with your friend!
Drunk Meter: 7.5/10

4. Main ye isliye nahi keh raha kyunki mujhe chadh gayi hai isliye keh raha hun kyunki aisa feel karta hun

Scenario: When your friend says I’m not a good human being and you contradict by saying Dude you are awesome!
Drunk Meter: 7.5/10

5. Yaar us vali ko nae chodna chaiye tha.. bada love karti thi mujhse

Scenario: You are just remembering that ex-Girlfriend whom you left, for her Best friend!
Drunk Meter: 6.5/10

6. Tu bura mat maan-na bhai

Scenario: You just told your friend how hurt you were, when he 4-5 years back hooked up with a chic you liked!
Drunk Meter: 6.5/10

7. Abe yaar kahin kam toh nae pad jayegi itni?

Scenario: Well you have just started. 
Drunk Meter: 2/10

8. Abe yaar tere liye toh jaan bhi haazir hai

Scenario: Whenevr friend asks for help
Drunk Meter: 8/10

9. Oye sab chup karo, meri baat suno

Scenario: Well almost all of your gang is totally wasted and nobody’s listening to what anybody’s saying!
Drunk Meter: 9/10

10. Abe bhabhi ke baare me mat bol diyo kuch bhi

Scenario: Well your friend just told you, that the girl you like’s hot
Drunk Meter: 5/10

11. Tu tension mat le main akele chala jaunga

Scenario: Your friend wants to drop you home, after atleast 7 drinks
Drunk Meter: 10/10
Advice: Dude, turn back. You know you won’t be able to make it.

12. Bas jab drink karta hun na tab smoke karta hu


Scenario: Your friend just lit up a cigarette and ofcourse you want it. Badly.
Drunk Meter: 8.5/10

13. Yaar ex se baat karne ka mann kar ra hai.. use msg karta hun

Scenario: You just want to tell somebody what he/she is missing in being without you!
Drunk Meter: 8.5/10

14. Gadi main chalaunga

Scenario: You are totally wasted. Yet you don’t realise it.
Drunk Meter: 8/10

15. Main teri dil se izzat karta hun

Scenario: Your friend just told you something good to do with your life.
Drunk Meter: 7.5/10

16. Abe tu bolke dekh tere liye toh jaan bhi hazir hai

Scenario: You know you don’t mean it.
Drunk Meter: 6.5/10

17. Yaar she doesn’t deserve you! 

Scenario: Just Ex-bashing! Always fun.
Drunk Meter: 7.5/10

18. Yaar main uske bina reh nae sakta

Scenario: Yep. Now you are sobbing.
Drunk Meter: 8.5/10

19. Chal yaar ek lovely vala peete hai..

Scenario: You are already drunk, but just to make sure you don’t lose control. You start to try to control.
Drunk Meter: 8/10

20. Yaar i hate my job

Scenario: Usual cribbing about the job.
Drunk Meter: 5/10

21. Last time toh itni pee li thi phir nae chadi

Scenario: You are totally wasted and wondering about what happened the last time you got drunk.
Drunk Meter: 9.5/10

22. Yaar kal se na daaru band

Scenario: You are just too drunk to realise what you are saying. And, FYI you just vommitted.
Drunk Meter: 11/10

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