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2-Storey Villa Built In 3 Hours In China

By Mohit Singh
  • Jul 21, 2015

A Chinese company has assembled a 3D-printed two-storey villa in less than three hours, complete with interior decoration, plumbing, wiring and other facilities. A crane assembled modules of living room, bedroom, kitchen and restroom within less than three hours on July 17 in Xi'an, northwest China's Shanxi province.

The modules were made in the factory using 3D printing technology. "Traditional construction requires half a year to build up a villa, whereas using 3D print modules, the process can be shortened to around a dozen of days," said the engineer, who is in charge of the design and production of the 3D printed villa. The cost per square metre is around $400-480, People's Daily Online reported.

Because of the reduction of transportation, labour, material, machinery and assembly costs, the low cost of producing the final homes are passed along to the home owners. This makes the homes much more affordable than those built from scratch using traditional construction methods, according to

The company also claims its new materials are sourced from industrial and agricultural wastes and are capable of withstanding earthquakes with a magnitude of 9 and are also fireproof and waterproof.


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