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10 Things Women Do Not Like About Men

By Kanishka Arora
  • Jan 23, 2017

One smile is all it takes to flatter even the strongest of all, as most people say. A man would do anything in his power to impress the 'one' girl, even if he has to do stupid and cheesy stuff for that. Girls just love the cheesy stuff, but many-a-times, all this irritates them.

It may happen that the stuff is stupid or irrelevant, was a joke or a mistake, but irritated girls don't care. It also happens that the act of the guy was severe and really irritated the girl, and the rift or the fight started between them.

We can't say that all men are like that, 'perfect relationships' do exist and it would be wrong to generalise everyone, but this is what mostly the case is. We bring to you 10 such things that women hate about men.

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This may sound a little strange to men, but all such traits do piss women off.

1) 'I'm sorry. I forgot our anniversary this year too.'

Men generally remember their favorite things, like facts about their beloved sports persons, their birthdays, their scores, which match took place when and who won by what score and everything. But sadly when it comes to recalling birthdays and anniversaries, they don't remember anything at all. They would look it up somewhere and make you happy. Thanks to Facebook, for countering the problem.

2) The extra-sweet one.

If you get a call inquiring "Where are you? Where have you reached? When will you be home,baby?" every 30 minutes, you literally would love to throw away your phone, because that's irritating as hell.

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3) Being a Sex-monster

Most men find it legible to use their partners as sex-toys whenever they feel is the time. Many-a-times, they do not care about the other persons feelings, because, 'Hey I wanna have sex.'

4) 'Emotions, what emotions?'

One thing that really irritates men, is when girls get emotional and stuff. And the thing that really irritates girls is that men don't give a f*ck about their emotions, they just say they do, but they don't.

5) 'You're too hot to meet my mom.'

When it comes to dating, the hottest babe in town is the one men want, the one with hot legs and extremely good body. But when it comes to going home and introducing her to your mother, she is a complete no no. You want someone who your family would love. The hypocrisy is what women hate the most.

6) I'm the ruler.

This sort of mentality pisses of a woman more than anything else. All she thinks with rage is, "First of all who gave you the authority to rule over me? Why do you need to dictate everything or order me to change habits or something. I'm sorry I believe in equality and there was no voting that made you the head. " Don't do that to her.

7) I'm a Macho-man.

That does , but it repels many for sure.

8) I'm Superman!

Guys love to be superheroes, understood. One thing that needs to be understood is that you cannot do everything, you lack somewhere and it's okay to accept that. Imperfection is what makes us perfect. Some guys don't understand this at all, they have to at any cost, do everything even if it messes everything up.

9) 'Who's that guy you were talking to? '

Possessiveness is the one 'quality' that ruins most relationships, because it acts as a way of showing to the partner that you don't trust them. This trait is hated by almost everyone, but unfortunately, it is also possessed by almost everyone.

10) Being careless.

Carelessness and laziness is something that almost all men practice. They do something and forget, get up late, do every thing they were supposed to do VERY LATE. They simple have no sincerity.

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